Stardew Valley – How to Get (Almost) Any Item

Just want to say before I teach you how, please know that there is always a chance your file corrupts.


There are many ways to do this, such as naming your child, yourself, your farm, or your animals.

Basically, every time they mention your name you will get the item that corresponds to the ID.

The Child Method

I personally would not recommend this method, however if you are missing some museum items, and have an incoming child. Then name them [xxx][xxx][xxx], obviously replacing the Xs with the id of the item you want. The advantage to children is that, if your spouse ever mentions them, you will receive those items. The main downside to this is the fact that you named your child numbers, and when this is patched in the next update, you will end up with dumb name for your child.

The Farm / Personal Method

This is best for early game and is often used in speed runs, as your farm and your character are mentioned twice in the intro. So should you have [434][163][166] as your name you would start with, a treasure chest, a legendary fish, and a stardrop, meaning, “ez money and mine”.

The Animal Method

This is the best method in my opinion. However this will take a bit of time, as you will need a coop, 5000-10000g. The advantages are that you are guaranteed profit if you buy only chickens with the prismatic shard which is [74]. The disadvantage is that you cannot do 3 three number IDs.


Q: WIll get VAC banned?

Breh, this don’t got vac.

Q: If I mistype an ID what will happen?

Your game will most likely crash so do this early in the morning. If you do something like: [72]]166][163] your game will crash, due to the “]]”.

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