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Dungeon Defenders - The Huntress Class Guide

Written by Frezmo   /   Dec 28, 2020    

The Huntress Guide

  • Type: DPS
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Attack type: Ranged

Do you enjoy fighting mobs from afar? Holding the back lines and avoiding getting hit? The the huntress may be for you. The Huntress uses a crossbow to shoot bolts at enemies by holding the left mouse button and reloads her weapon by pressing the right mouse button. The Huntress is a DPS class meaning that she is here to deal damage to the enemies as a hero. This means that this class is best for taking down bosses and enemies with large amounts of hit points such as ogres. Despite being a DPS class, the huntress does still have traps she can place in aid of defending the Eternia crystal.

Huntress Traps

The Huntress can lay down different traps that are triggered upon an enemy stepping onto them. They have a certain amount of charges before disappearing which is represented by a number in the middle of the trap and enemies can not attack them to destroy them. They all get destroyed when they run out of charges. Much like the Apprentice, the Huntresses Traps can deal elemental damage meaning that certain enemies may be resistant to them. This class has the following traps:

Proximity Mine Trap

  • Level Unlocked: 0
  • Mana Cost: 40
  • Defence Units: 3
  • Attack Distance: On Contact
  • Damage Type: Generic

This trap has a relatively low mana and defence unit cost therefore you can place multiple without using up your resources. The trap itself doesn't a lot of damage yet it does deal generic damage, this means that enemies aren't resistant to the traps damage.

Gas Trap

  • Level Unlocked: 3
  • Mana Cost: 30
  • Defence Units: 3
  • Attack Distance: On Contact
  • Damage Type: Poison

The gas trap doesn't deal any damage to enemies, instead it stuns them causing enemies to stand in place and cough frantically. This gives you the opportunity to kill them whilst they're doing so without running the risk of getting hit. The trap does deal poison damage so enemies who are resistant to poison will be able to walk over the trap whilst reaming unaffected.

Inferno Trap

  • Level Unlocked: 7
  • Mana Cost: 60
  • Defence Units: 4
  • Attack Distance: On Contact
  • Damage Type: Fire

This trap upon being triggered the Inferno Trap will cause the ground to ignite which will deal fire damage over time to enemies who step over the trap. This trap will not deal any damage to an enemy with fire resistance.

Darkness Trap

  • Level Unlocked: 11
  • Mana Cost: 70
  • Defence Units: 3
  • Attack Distance: On Contact
  • Damage Type: Debuff

This trap removes any resistances enemies may have against certain defences. As well as this it will cause the enemies to change focus, this means that if an enemy is trying to hit you and it walks over a Darkness Trap, the enemy will change it's focus to something else, either a different player or one of the defences you may have.

Ethereal Spike Trap

  • Level Unlocked: 15
  • Mana Cost: 80
  • Defence Units: 3
  • Attack Distance: On Contact
  • Damage Type: Generic

This trap does extreme damage upon an enemy stepping onto the trap. This trap is really good for dealing chunky of damage to bosses or high hit point enemies such as ogres. As well as this, the trap deals generic damage. This means that enemies will always take the damage upon triggering the trap regardless of their elemental resistance.

Class Abilities

The Huntress has two class abilities it can use during combat to aid in defending the Eternia crystal.


  • Level Unlocked: 5
  • Mana Cost: 15 per second

This causes the Huntress to turn a black colour and become invisible to enemies, which means that the enemies won't be able to see your character. Therefore, she can move through them to re-position without running the risk of being hit.

Piercing Shot

  • Level Unlocked: 20
  • Mana Cost: 40

The Huntress shoots a huge purple bird from her crossbow which deals a lot of damage as well as travelling through enemies. This means that it can hit multiple enemies with one shot, assuming that the enemies are all stood in a linear fashion. This is good for clearing lines of enemies or at least taking a good chunk out of all of their hit points.

Written by Frezmo.