Terraria – How to Get the Enchanted Sword (Three Methods)

I will show you how to get an enchanted sword using multiple ways!

Guide to Get the Enchanted Sword

First Method: Generally Looking for a Shrine

Enchanted Swords always appear in sword shrines around the map. You could start by running along your world looking for a 1 block wide hole that goes down. If you dig down that, you will find a shrine. You will then either get a decoy, a real enchanted sword, or a terragrim when you break the shrine. Remember that in 1.4 you are not guranteed to get a shrine in your world, so don’t get mad or confused when you can’t find one.

Second Method: Fish for an Enchanted Sword

If you didn’t have any luck getting a sword shrine or if the sword shrine gave you a junk sword, you can always fish for a sword. To get the best fishing power, try getting the golden fishing rod from completing fishing quests. That is the strongest fishing rod. You could then get fishing potions and some enchanted night crawlers as bait. Both will greatly increase your fishing power. Now here comes the fun part! You simply fish. In pre-hard mode, you have a 2% chance you could get a enchanted sword in a golden crate. In hard mode, the golden crates are changed to Titanium crates. They are the same thing, but they have different names and a little bit of different loot drops. You still have a 2% chance to get the sword in both crates. This will take quite a while.

Third Method: Enter an Enchanted Sword Seed

Only use an enchanted sword seed if you absolutely have terrible luck and can’t seem to get a sword. If you enter the seed, “” you will get into a small corrupt world. If you go right, you will approach the snow biome. Keep going right until you reach the end of the biome and you reach a living tree. To the left of the living tree, you should see a 1 block wide hole going down. Just dig down and you should reach the shrine. It should be an enchanted sword. Congratulations! You are one sword closer to the Zenith!

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  1. In 1.4, Arkhalis was replaced by the Terragrim in the shrines. As a result, you now can obtain the Arkhalis with the respective developer vanity set, which has a chance to drop from any hardmode boss treasure bag

    if you use this seed and go to the right you will find TWO enchanted sword shrines and they both have the sword

  3. my method: find a four leafed clover irl and then play terreria. u will have a big luck boost and u will surely find an enchanted sword

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