Terraria – NPC Requirements

A guide on how to get all the NPC’s!

The NPC Requirements

Hello everyone, I’m Alpha Gaming, and hopefully this guide helps you get all of the NPCs in the game. The list below contains the requirements for an NPC to move in, as well as housing requirements. There must be an available house for an NPC to move in. Housing – At least a 6×10 house, but I reccomend 6×12.


  • Guide – Needs an available house, but is available from the start of the game.
  • Merchant – All players need at least 50 silver.
  • Dye Trader – A player must have at least 1 dye item (i.e. Strange Plant, Blue Berries Lime Kelp).
  • Dryad – There must be at least one boss defeated (not King Slime or Wall of Flesh).
  • Angler – Spawns randomly at the Ocean.
  • Nurse – A player must have at least consumed 1 Life Crystal.
  • Witch Doctor – Queen Bee must be defeated.
  • Stylist – Found randomly in spider biome.
  • Goblin Tinkerer – Found randomly underground after Goblin Invasion is defeated.
  • Demolitionist – A player must have an explosive.
  • Arms Dealer – A player must have either a bullet or a gun.
  • Party Girl – Spawns randomly after there are 13 NPCs moved in.
  • Clothier – Spawns after Skeletron is defeated.
  • Tavernkeep – Found randomly after Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulu is defeated.
  • Mechanic – Spawns randomly in dungeon.
  • Painter – Spawns randomly after there are 7 NPCs moved in.


  • Truffle – House must be in a surface Mushroom Biome.
  • Pirate – Pirate Invasion must be defeated.
  • Cyborg – Plantera must be defeated.
  • Santa Claus – Frost Legion must be defeated (only appears during Christmas season).
  • Wizard – Found randomly underground.
  • Tax Collector – Use Purificarion Powder on a Tortured Soul in the Underworld.
  • Steampunker – A mechanical boss must be defeated (Skeletron Prime, The Twins, or The Destroyer).
Written by Alpha Gaming

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