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Blood of Steel - Hero Spotlight / Caesar (Tips & Tricks)

Written by FleischBohne   /   Feb 9, 2021    

A brief introduction to one of Blood of Steel's most prominent Heroes.


Caesar is one of Blood of Steel's most prominent Heroes. While being a exceptional pick for anyone new to the game, he especially deadly in the hands of a more experienced player. As such Caesar is not only popular among Beginners, but is also frequently played or banned in higher ranked games.

His mix of great survivability, decent damage focused on a small area, and the ability to severely damage or outright delete whole troops of unguarded players with his ranged attack, makes him a solid pick that fits on virtually every team.

Pros & Cons


  • Very tanky hero and troops.
  • Good melee dps, especially for a tank.
  • Troops focus a smaller amount of enemies when in Testudo.
  • Almost invincible to ranged attacks when in Testudo.
  • Can "trap" enemy heroes making it almost impossible for them to escape with Testudo.
  • Throwing javelins can provide good poke damage or outright kill entire troops.


  • Slow movement speed (escpecially when using Testudo).
  • No movement ability.
  • Short ranged melee attacks.
  • Ranged attack has long cooldown.
  • No heavy attack or combos.
  • Tight formation makes it hard to hold wider areas without support.

Tips & Tricks

There are two main things that distinguish Caesar from the other tanks in Blood of Steel; his unique Testudo formation and his ability to order his troops to throw their javelins at nearby enemy units.

When in Testudo formation, Caesar's troops move closely together holding their shields above their heads and in all directions. This decreases their movement speed while increasing their defensive power and protects them from the majority of incoming projectiles. Because of the density of the formation his troops focus on a smaller amount of enemies, increasing their dps on each individual unit and thus allowing them to quickly dispose of them. There is also the possibility for an enemy to get stuck inside of the formation, often being unable to escape from it and as such quickly being killed by the surrounding Romans. This is especially effective when used on an opposing hero.

Caesar and his troops carry javelins as a secondary weapon, which they can use to engage enemies at a close to medium range. This allows him to do several things and somewhat compensates his slow movement speed and lack of mobility skill. For one he can often deal a good amount of damage to the enemy team before engaging increasing his odds to win in a direct engagement. Should the enemy decide to run away from him, he can throw his javelins into their usually unshielded backs. The most effective use of the javelins however, is finding a "soft" unshielded target and dealing huge amounts of damage if not outright killing it. With a single use of his throwing skill every single one of Caesar's units throws up to two javelins, used correctly this allows himto wipe out entire ranged squads foe example. If the situation requires it, the javelins can also be used as a way to attack passing cavalry to which he would otherwise usually be no more than a sitting duck.

Knowing how to make the most use of these two abilities is what is what sets apart a good Caesar from a mediocre one.

In Summary:

  • Use testudo in any situation where you dont necessarily need the extra speed.
  • Utilize the tightness of the formation to focus your damage on a small area and try to trap enemy heroes with your troops.
  • If possible use your javelins to engage soft targets or enemies running away.
  • Don't forget to spam your left click attack to maximize your dps.

Written by FleischBohne.