Age of Empires Mobile – Guide to Equipment: Blacksmith and Island Tactics

Equipment: Blacksmith and Island Tactics

Head and Chest Equipment

  • 0 level (star) = Defense bonus increase
  • 1 level = Life capacity increase
  • 2 level = Increase in unit capacity
  • 3 level = Damage reduction from opposing unit type
  • 4 level = Reduced damage taken

Hand and Leg Equipment

  • 0 level (star) = Attack bonus increase
  • 1 level = Damage increase
  • 2 level = Increase in elimination rate
  • 3 level = Increased damage to opposing unit type
  • 4 level = Skill damage increase
  • 4 level (star) increase for Legendary (yellow) equipment.
  • 3 level (star) increase for epic (purple) equipment.
  • Rare (blue) equipment can be leveled up by 2 levels (stars).

Equipment can be leveled up with the precision forging tool. You can get the precision forging tool from the store or by smashing unnecessary equipment.

You can skip 80sv in total for legendary equipment, and in order to get stars for that equipment every 20 levels, you must have one of the same equipment in your bag. (Make the equipment level 20 and get a star if you have an extra piece of the same equipment)

Repeating this process can make 80sv 4 stars Legendary gear. Epic equipment can reach up to 3 star level 60.

We need blueprints to obtain gear.

By crafting the drafts into Island Tactics, you can purchase content from the island tactics store or the regular store.

When you have difficulty passing the levels for Island Tactics, changing the formation and placing them according to the opposing unit type will allow you to skip the levels.

Tactics money required to buy the drafts accumulates for a maximum of 12 hours per hour, depending on your level in Island tactics, and you need to collect it from there.

Hourly production for 500sv island tactics is 5200.

Weekly production 5200*168=873.600 (maximum return in case of continuous production).

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