Barotrauma – New Colony Update Wallet System: How to Access Ship Bank

This is a simple guide for those struggling to use the recently implemented bank and crew wallet systems. How to find it and then use it.

Finding Where Earned Money Goes

When I first opened this update I struggled to find where my money went, maybe you did too. Though it’s actually very simple! Just click open the info tab (located top left of the screen).

Once clicked it will open a menu showing what looks like a player list. Then from here you just want to click the name of the person you want to give marks to. Here on out this guide has little use as you should be able to hopefully figure out how to use the menus for transferring money/marks. Though if not feel free to continue.

Using the Bank System

There are three major things you can do with the new banking system. These being withdrawal, deposit, and salaries. Withdrawal and depositing go together and are very simple. Withdrawal allows you to take money from the ship’s bank.

Depositing as you might have already guessed puts money in the ship’s bank. Salaries however are a bit more unique. They allow you as the captain to set up a system which pays crew a certain amount proportionate to the amount earned after completion of a mission. Example; have Steve earn 10% of rewards from missions.

These three systems can be accessed through a small menu to the bottom right after clicking on a player’s (or AI’s) name in the player listing.

Clicking the highlighted arrow will reveal the deposit and withdrawal mechanics.

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