Blue Archive – Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s Guide

Here is some extra special guide for you who just got appointed.

  1. You can view the content’s info by clicking on the question mark.

Whenever you have questions about the screen you’re on in the game, press the question mark icon on top left to view the information about the content on the go!

  1. Try to spend AP rather than piling them up.

What is AP? AP is consumed to proceed with [Mission], [Story], etc, and you can view how many you own at the top of the screen. The max AP and the students’ max level increase as your account level increases.

AP recovers by 1 every 6 minutes, and spending 1 AP increases the account’s EXP by 1.

You can also obtain AP through Cafe Earnings or Mission Rewards.

AP is a currency to increase account level, thus it may be a good idea to prioritize Cafe Rank Up after clearing missions to get a better source of AP.

Tip! Increasing Cafe Rank increases the gain of AP and Credits as well as the storage limit.

If you already have MAX AP, it won’t automatically recover over time, so make sure to keep spending AP to earn EXP!

  1. Unlock “Bounty” content to gather Skill Growth Materials!

You need to increase the level of Student Skills to defeat the enemies easier.

Tactical Training Blue-ray required for increasing skill levels can be obtained from “Bounty” content, it unlocks after completing Mission 3-1 Normal.

You can complete Bounty twice a day, and the entry count resets at 19:00 (UTC) daily.

*How to enter: [Campaign] – [Bounty] – Select stage and enter

Tip! Forming units with specific students for certain stages will grant you a buff effect.

[Example of Additional Buff Effect for Bounty Stages]

  1. Focus on growth of a few students to proceed with missions!

In order to proceed with missions, you may need to focus on the growth of a few students first.

Student level can only be increased up to your account level, and since the material for increasing student level is limited,

We recommend you focus on leveling certain students first then focusing on other students later.

Tip! Clearing Commissions will reward you with Activity Reports and Credits that can be used for increasing student level.

  1. Enhance the equipment of the students you grew first!

The equipment cannot be unequipped once you put it on a student.

Therefore, we recommend you enhance the equipment of the students who you take to the missions often.

  1. Aim to clear Mission 6-1 Normal as your first goal! Unlocking “Tactical Challenge” adds a new content to enjoy.

Once you clear the Mission 6-1 Normal, the last unlockable content, “Tactical Challenge” is unlocked.

Tactical Challenge is a content in which you can combat against other Sensei’s and obtain Credits, Pyroxene, etc. which helps you with growth, so the earlier you participate, the better.

  1. Assigning a Tank and Healer together in a unit will make the battle easier!

There are several tiles in a mission stage. Proceed through and defeat enemies on the way to the tile where the boss is located.

Be careful though, since the students’ HP are carried over from one tile to the next.

Since the amount of tiles to complete the mission increases as you progress through more difficult stages, it would make the combat easier if you include Tank and Healer in your unit.

*There are a total of 5 different roles for students, and they each play their role in combat.

  1. Form the unit based on what the enemies’ attack and defense types are for tactical advantage!

You can get advantages such as additional damage if you form your unit according to the defense types of the enemies.

  1. Form the unit based on the students’ combat area preferences!

Each stage is either one of “Urban Warfare,” “Field Warfare,” or “Indoor Warfare,” and students receive additional effects in their preferred warfare type.

*Students’ preferred combat area can be viewed in [Students].

  1. Make sure to know the attack range and area for each gun!

The attack range and area varies by the gun type for each student, and the students automatically move to the best position to attack the enemy in combat.

  1. Increase the Relationship Rank to gain bonus stats and obtain special Recollection Lobby!

You can get additional stats on students based on the Relationship Rank of the students.

The Relationship Points required for Relationship Rank Up can be obtained through the Cafe and Lessons.

[Example of Bonus from Relationship Rank]

Also, based on Relationship Progress, you can obtain exclusive Recollection Lobby for the student.

*What is Recollection Lobby? It is a special lobby you can obtain by reaching certain Relationship Rank with a student.

[How to set a Recollection Lobby]

*Go to [Select Roster] > Select a student who has a Recollection Lobby > Click [Confirm]

  1. Try using Eleph to recruit new students!

You can collect the Eleph of students you’re missing to recruit them.

*Eleph can be obtained from Hard stages, event rewards, the shop, etc.

*Each mission’s attempt count has a daily limit and is reset daily at 19:00 (UTC).

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