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What is Craft (Crafting Chamber)?

At Craft (Crafting Chamber), materials can be used to craft a new item.

There is a standby time until the item is finished crafting. Booster Tickets can be used to immediately complete the crafting.

  • Craft is unlocked after clearing Mission 3-2 Normal.

How can I craft items?

Insert the Keystone, then press the Unlock button, and select the node of the desired craft item to proceed with crafting.

The node dictates what type of item will be crafted.

  • 1) Unlock

After inserting the Keystone for the 1st Unlock, you can select the node.

If more Keystones are inserted prior to the 1st Unlock, the “1st Unlock” button changes to a “2nd Unlock” button.

The probability of higher rarity nodes appearing increases starting at the 2nd Unlock.

Tip 1! Keystones needed for unlocks can be acquired from Missions, Total Assault, and event rewards.

Tip 2! At the end of the Pick-Up period, Recruitment Points acquired from student recruitment will be converted to Keystone pieces.

  • 2) Select Node

You can select one of several nodes when you begin unlocking.

You can select the first node and begin to craft, or insert additional materials and select the second node.

Tip 1! The selected node affects the type of item that is being crafted.

Tip 2! Crafting proceeds based on your final node selection.

  • 3) Start Crafting

Crafting will begin after you selected either the first or second node. The standby time will be determined by the rarity of the craft item.

You can obtain the crafted item once the standby time ends. You can also use a Booster Ticket to immediately complete crafting.

Tip 1! Booster Tickets can be obtained from Mission, Story, etc.

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