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What is Mission?

Mission is a combat content that you can undertake with recruited students.

You can earn EXP, Equipment, Eleph, etc, and you can unlock other content such as Bounty, Commissions, Cafe, and Schedules by clearing certain Missions.

Tip! You can earn special additional rewards by clearing all 3 mission objectives.

What is Sweep?

Sweep is a function you can use after clearing a mission with 3 stars and clearing all mission objectives.

You can use AP to Sweep, which allows you to receive the clear rewards without having to participate in combat again.

What are Hard Stages?

It is a more difficult stage that unlocks after clearing all Normal Stages.

Map Info is hidden in each Stage, and you may find hidden enemies or important items in the hidden tiles.

Once you go forth and get close to another tile, you can view the map information.

Tip! You can challenge the Hard Difficulty up to 3 times a day for each Stage, and the challenge count resets at 19:00 every day.

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