Blue Archive – Recruitment Guide


What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is how you gain students, and you can do so via the Recruitment icon at the bottom of main lobby and by selecting the type of recruitment and count you’d like.

You can view the recruited students in the result screen, and if you recruited a repeat student, they will be converted to Eligma and that particular student’s Eleph.

*The obtained Eligma can be used in the shop, and Eleph can be used as Mystic unlock material.

Tip 1! During the Pick-Up Recruitment period, you can obtain Recruitment Points per 1 recruitment, and you can choose to recruit the Pick-Up student with the Recruitment Points.

Tip 2! After the Pick-Up period ends, remaining Recruitment Points will be automatically converted into Keystone Piece. Keystone Pieces can be used in unlocking for crafting.

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