Brick Rigs – How to Avoid Plane Crashes

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Guide to How to Avoid Plane Crashes

1. Train track crashes

If you want to avoid this crash, you would have to be a long distance away from these tracks.

2. Building fuel tank crashes

How to avoid these crashes? It’s really simple: Don’t start flying or fly near buildings with fuel tanks on them.

3. Thin space crashes

If you have a very wide plane, you could start flying in a field or the airport etc, but not the cities.

4. Normal crashes

Say for example you are flying a 1 gallon plane, and the fuel runs out and you crash. The lesson? Do not fly planes under 2 gallons (you could even DIE from a plane crash, if you’re unlucky).

5. Griefer crashes

The most ANNOYING crash known to mankind. How to avoid? Put explosions off, silly host.

6. Runway crashes

Yes maybe some of you have had this crash before, wondering how to avoid it. Well the way to avoid it is don’t let anybody spawn a vehicle ahead of you (unless it’s small then it’s fine).

7. Mid-air crashes

Oh dear, these crashes are just the most UGLIEST crashes. To avoid it, rather not fly near any other plane.

8. AA crashes

Yes, it does look like the griefer pic, but this time by the AA (anti-air). To avoid this, do the instructions told in the griefer crashes section.

9. Ejection crashes

Say your plane is about to crash, what do you do? Don’t eject! If there is an eject button don’t press it. Rather jump out of the plane and land slowly down.

10. Mid-air kill crashes

Why would such a mean person do this? To avoid it, put off weapons.

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