Brick Rigs – How to Do Airport RP Guide

I’m so irritated that so many people still don’t know how to do it and get kicked after 5 minutes.

Guide to Do Airport RP Guide

All credit goes to Kangaroo 3505 (Emma)!


Now you joined airport RP to roleplay as a pilot, ATC, Ground crew or more. You didn’t join there to destroy the buildings or drive around a car in the city and more

It’s so basic that you just do Airport RP but I still kick half of the people that joined for not even following the name of the server. I know your favorite City RP is offline but just find another one lmao

Aircraft Selection

Now to avoid annoying the hell out of players I recommend to not use these Aircraft types: all Kroms, The 727 and my dc-8.

Optionally you can just use a NB but please do not use a WW2 Aircraft man, there’s alot of good modern planes at the workshop.

No Military aircraft, its not airbase RP its Airport so…

Air Traffic Control Rules

You might be forced sometimes by your host to talk to atc, if your new just ask permision to take off like:

  • You: Hey can I taxi to the runway.
  • ATC: Clear.
  • You: Can I take off pls?
  • ATC: yeah clear to take off.

You might also be forced to have a flight number, You really only need 2 random charcaters at the front like 5J or NH then a 1-4 digit number, examples are: UA-3505, 5J-516 and NH-7

Please follow them and dont just randomly take off, they’re also there to do RP so just go along with it.

For Hosts

Be in the look out, make the max brick count about 2k (It will stop some laggy planes but the 727 will slip) and Suspicious People.

If you see some one in the city in a car just kick them, if you see someone using a Krom, 727 or dc-8 delete them and warn them, if they spawn it back then you can kick them

Don’t panic or kick people for having low frame rates, if you have alot of people and alot of planes its really unavoidable.

If your ATC (or your friend is) and someone’s not following I recomend you just kick them.

And the most important thing to note, if a player does not say hi there’s a %90 chance he doesn’t even realise he’s in a Airport RP server so don’t feel bad kicking them

Airport RP have rules but its really not needed.

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  1. The guide is a little draconian, but it’s solid foundation. I’d recommend linking to formal (FAA) communication and airport navigation documents.

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