Chained Echoes – Ultimate Weapons Guide


To find the ultimate weapons in the game you need to have the rusty version of the weapon and upgrade it with a Soul of Farnese. Both types of items are found in different ways stated below.

Once you have your first rusty weapon you can head to the Flying Smithy and upgrade it. The Flying Smithy is available after reading the note in the office of Nhysa’s university.

Rusty Weapons

These items are important to create the game’s ultimate weapons. There are exactly 12 rusty weapons in the game. Here is where to find them:

  1. Sword: Received from Magnolia after the quest The Maelstrom.
  2. Spear: In one of the Leonar Temples (see Leonar’s Challenges).
  3. Bow: After finishing the quest No Place for Happy Ends.
  4. Rapier: In the library of the Manor in the lake of Rohlan Fields. Key to the Manor is on the plateau in the northwest of Rohlan Fields.
  5. Rifle: After Jack is done cutting trees in the south of the Fiorwoods.
  6. Gunspear: Chest in the northeast of Shambala.
  7. Amulet: In one of the Leonar Temples (see Leonar’s Challenges).
  8. Katana: Buyable from Norgant after Two Winged Angel.
  9. Great Sword: Buyable from the secret merchant in Ograne (see Ultimate Boss guide).
  10. Knuckles: Reward Board
  11. Anchor: In the sand of the Resort Island.
  12. Cards: Reward from the Adventurer’s Guild after defeating all Exotic Monsters.

Souls of Farnese List

These items are important to create the game’s ultimate weapons. There are exactly 12 souls in the game. Here is where to find them:

  • Rohlan Fields. Accessed through the Baalrut Tunnel (see Ultimate Boss guide).
  • Narslene Sewers. In the area with the pipes after finding the water handle (see Ultimate Boss guide).
  • Flower Fields of Perpetua. In the desert in the very south. Follow the arrows in the sand to find the marked X.
  • In Ryrmeier Castle. There is a hidden path you can take when standing on the wall in the west. It’s marked by a red carpet that leads you through the back of the building and to the east. Just follow the way and you will reach the treasure chest.
  • Phioran Village. You need to have the Diving Bell (see Ultimate Boss Guide) and go the south west of Arkant to dive into it. Otherwise you need to have recruited all the clan members to gain access through the entrance in the south east of Arkant.
  • Reward from completing the quest A Little Vacation.
  • Purchasable from Norgant in Kortara after finishing the quest Two Winged Angel and buying the Rusty Katana.
  • Once Hermit’s Isle reaches level 4, Bernd will find a cave with a treasure chest.
  • Northwest area of the Arkant Archipelago. Reachable only by flying.
  • Southwest of Perpetua.
  • Once Hermit’s Isle reaches level 4,Triony finally catches something. It’s the Soul.
  • Reward Board.

Useful Tips

  • The NPC for restoring rusty weapons is not immediately available. You need to reach the final dungeon, have the gold key, read a specific book about ultimate weapons before the final boss room, control your airship, and then find a new floating island to the west.
  • To obtain the ultimate weapon, ensure you’ve read the book in the final dungeon library about ultimate weapons. A new location appears on the world map to the far west, accessible only with your airship.
  • Weapon master crystals can be applied to armor, but their effects do not stack with those on weapons. Status increase effects (ATK Up, DEF Up, etc.) that boost stats are stackable.

General Tips

  • Skill Priority: Start with upgrading active skills before anything else. You’ve got limited passive slots, so save those for later. Don’t overload on actives, though; focus on stats once your actives are solid.
  • Crystals: Don’t stockpile crystals since you can only hold so many. Use ’em unless you’ve got a game plan.
  • Spending Money: Skip buying or upgrading gear. Spend your cash on the meal item for a solid 150 health boost. It’s a game-changer till you can heal 200 by yourself. Treasure gear > town gear.
  • Escape Trick: Double-tap L1 (or RB) to bail from fights. You can reset battles to win. Glenn’s ultimate is a fight ender, especially against groups.
  • Healing: Avoid the area-of-effect (AOE) heal. It messes up your overdrive meter more than it helps. Stick to buffs early in battles for an edge.
  • Gear Setup: Equip evasion, critical damage increase, damage reduction, and other specific buffs. Don’t sweat the crystal system too much; stick to low-level combos till late game.
  • Team Comp Tactics: Glenn’s your go-to DPS with an awesome debuff ult. Sienna’s great for blinding enemies and crits. Balthruz is an AOE beast; pump him with magic. Viktor’s your support lifeline with buffs and heals. Amalia’s essential for her 100% revive late in the game. Experiment with other characters, but this squad works wonders.
  • General Gameplay: Buff up at battle starts, gear smartly, and don’t fear to use those ultimates. Mix and match your team based on the situation, and remember, not all gear and crystals are worth your time.
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