Tarisland – Paladin Rotation Guide (Single Target / AOE)

Paladin Rotations

Justice DPS Rotation

When Trial of Rage is Active:

  • Activate Trial of Rage.
  • Prioritize Glory Strike, then Judgement Strike, then Justice Thump.
  • Always prioritize skills that are enhanced by Glory Judgement first.
  • During Trial of Rage, use Punishing Storm to build up stacks of Expedition (+1% Haste/Crit stacks)
  • When there are 9 seconds left on Trial of Rage, get ready to activate Inscription. Stop using all skills except Glory Strike and Punishing Storm to continue building Expedition.
  • At 6-7 seconds, activate Inscription but your priority is now: Judgement Strike, Justice Thump, Glory Strike. Inscription resets Judgement Strike and Justice Thump cooldowns whenever Glory Judgement enhances one of them. Disregard Punishing Storm entirely.
  • 6a. If Fatuina Echo is active or Echo Recharge is at 13-14 stacks, do not worry about maximizing your Expedition stacks. Activate Inscription as soon as Fatuina Echo is active.
  • As soon as you activate Inscription, use Earthquake/Shattering Slam which grants a 21% multiplicative damage buff.

When Trial of Rage is Not Active:

  • Use Earthquake/Shattering Slam in the opener. When it is about to come off cooldown, make sure both Justice Thump and Judgement Strike will be off cooldown within 4 seconds. If not, only use Glory Strike while waiting for cooldowns.
  • When you have no Judgements, prioritize Judgement Strike, then Glory Strike, then Justice Thump.
  • Always prioritize skills that are enhanced by Glory Judgement first.
  • Justice Thump holds 2 charges, do not cast it if it is not enhanced to Judgement: Justice, even if it is the only skill available to cast unless it is less than 1 second from reaching 2 stacks
  • Likewise, prioritize Glory Strike over Judgement Strike if it is less than 1 second from reaching 2 stacks and you do not have 2 Judgement Glory effects.

Guard Tank Rotation

Single Target Rotation:

  • Use Holy Fire. It has 8 second CD and 6 second duration. With 25% CDR it has 100% uptime. This skill should always be active with 1 exception we are going over later.
  • Otherwise use Flying Shield, then Holy Sword, then Holy Hammer.
  • Save Holy Regen and Ardent Guardian for enemy boss mechanics. If the boss has no real mechanics, you can use Ardent Guardian on cooldown.
  • When Inscription is ready, make sure to use Flying Shield if available first, then activate Inscription. Every other skill usage resets Flying Shield. Holy Regen and Ardent Guardian are not on the global cooldown, so they can be cast immediately after Flying Shield to reset Flying Shield for consecutive casts. (E.g. 4,3,1,3+5,3+6,3,2,3,1,3 to get 6 extra casts of Flying Shield) This is the only time where it is okay to not maximize your Holy Fire uptime, to maximize your Flying Shield inscriptions.

AOE Rotation:

  • This is identical to the single target rotation but always make sure Holy Fire (6 second duration) is active when you cast Flying Shield in order for it to gain the bonus effect of bouncing to 3 additional targets.
  • Do not activate Ardent Guardian unless absolutely necessary to survive. The more you glance enemy attacks, the faster you build Aegis and Inscription energy to deal more damage.

That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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