Cookie Clicker – Lucky Payout (777777) Made Easy

This one can be extremely annoying, especially if you are in late game. So I found easy workaround.


All credit goes to Symb1!


  1. Make sure you are no longer gaining any prestige (sell everything if needed).
  2. Find your exact prestige level (mouseover “Legacy” tab, if your prestige is too high, turn short numbers off in options, so you can see the exact number and if you are in the middle of a run and you gained new prestige level, don’t forget to add it to the final number).
  3. Close the game.
  4. Go to:
    …steamappscommonCookie Clickerresourcesappsrc
  5. Make a copy of “main.js” (just in case).
  6. Open “main.js” (notepad will do, but it’s better if you have notepad++ or any other app that can properly read code).
  7. Search for “(Math.ceil(Game.prestige)%1000000==777777)” line and change those six sevens to your last six digits (for an example, if you have 1,787,221,117 total prestige, it will look like this “(Math.ceil(Game.prestige)%1000000==221117)”).
  8. Ascend and you’ll be able to buy those upgrades.
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  1. Once you achieve this, do you have to get to 777,777 on every ascension afterwards to get the buff?

  2. my heavenly cookie production was so high that i almost gave up on trying to get this upgrade as i didn’t want to go through the long process of ensuring that my number was exact, however this guide helped me get the upgrade

    however id like to suggest one small addition:

    replace these:

    with this:

    these are just boolean expressions and i doubt that cookie clicker has code ensuring the code has been tampered with so if you just replace all of the cases with true than it’ll allow you to access the upgrades in all cases

  3. Howdy! I recently tried this and it didn’t work until I set values for Lucky Digit, Lucky Numbers & Lucky Payout (instead of just Lucky Payout, which is what the original post (Math.ceil(Game.prestige)%1000000==777777) designates).

    So for any future people trying to get this achievement, make sure you alter the values for ALL of these:
    exactly as instructed in this article. So if for example, the last 6 digits of your prestige level end with “217545”, then you will enter this:


    Thanks for the post this helped me a lot.

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