Core Keeper – Guide to Resources for Currency

Did you know that when wood is made into planks it can be sold for 1 Ancient coin? Well now you do.

Resources for Currency

Resource for Money

What if I told you that you could make money with a resource that you have in abundance? its wood. When wood is made into planks it can be sold for money, that’s it guide over…wait you don’t have anymore wood?

Wood Farm

Well then lets make a wood farm, you will need root seeds(coral seeds), dirt(or beach sand), drills, robot arms, a generator, conveyor belts, and wire. Plant the root seeds in a strait line two tiles away from a drill, dig around the root so the only way it can grow is towards the drill and water them. The drill will than put the wood on a conveyor belt witch will led to a robot arm (found this part of the farm in several places online. Not sure wear it originated from).

After it grows

Passive Money

Finally if you want some passive money when your exploring the world or farming other stuff add some table saws to your farm. In my example I made more then necessary because I’m wasteful, you only need two per farm.

Currently there is a problem ware seeds will be placed in a table saw and wood will not be able to go in to be made into planks. You can fix this by making two table saws and having the robot arms place them in one and then the other. If you put a root seed in the first table saw the robot arms will place the root seeds on top of the stack and the wood will be placed in the empty table saw. It is also less wasteful.

You could say with that we found the root of the problem and fixed it.

Selling the Planks

Then when you need money just take some planks to a merchant and sell sell sell.

Quick tip root seeds can also be sold for money.

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