Dark and Darker – All Goblin Merchant Quests Guide

Here you can find all goblin merchant’s quests with descriptions, requirements, rewards and tips.

Guide to All Goblin Merchant Quests

Everyone’s Favorite Goblin

Away With The Green Skins

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 5 Goblin Archers, 5 Goblin Axeman, 5 Goblin Warriors
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, 3 Bandages, Laced Turnshoe, 25 EXP

Quest is working fine.

Secrets Of The Dead

  • Completion Requirement: In Goblin Caves; Explore the ‘Cave Altar’ location. Must Escape
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, Spellbook, Magic Staff, 25 EXP

Either one of these rooms works.

Quest is working fine.

A Goblin’s Pride

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in looted; 10 Goblin ears.
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, Mercurial Cloak, 40 EXP, 25 Affinity

RNG based drop, go smack down a bunch of goblins!

Quest is working fine.

Tricks And Treasures

My Favorite Fleshy

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 7 Players on Goblin Caves
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, 3 Surgical Kit, 3 Oil Lantern, 75 EXP

Go to ore spawns, almost guaranteed you will run into players on the way.

Quest is working fine.

Killing Critters

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 2 Giant Centipedes, 2 Giant Spiders, 5 Goblin Mages
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, Gold Coin Bag, 50 EXP

W key the spawns fast as they are commonly killed by mid match. Survival is not needed, you can kill creatures, die, reset to complete faster.

Quest is working fine.

Step by Step

  • Completion Requirement: Survive in the Goblin Caves 3 times.
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, Rawhide Gloves, Wind Locket, 50 EXP, 25 Affinity

Hover around static escapes, portals can be hard to find towards the end.

Quest is working fine

Favorite Soft Skin

Buggy Bonds

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in looted; 4 Beetle Wings, 2 Bug Shell
  • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, Ring of Courage, Light Gauntlets, 200 EXP

You can complete this quest on any map as all maps spawn giant beetles. Goblin caves probably has highest density of Giant beetles.

Quest is working fine.

Crate Chaos

  • Completion Requirement: Goblin Caves; Destroy 25 Wooden Crates
  • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, 1 Ring of Resolve, 1 Bear Pendant, 175 Experience

If you are playing rogue, you will need to bring in a pickaxe to complete this quest. There are many wooden crates scattered around the goblin caves. Your weapon has to have a minimum of 3 impact power to break wooden crates.

Quest is working fine.

Gobo Brawl

  • Completion Requirement: Goblin Caves; Kill 15 Elite Grade Goblins
  • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, 3  Surgical Kits, 1 Open Sallet, 200 Experience, 25 Affinity

This quest is easiest done on high roller, due to the higher number of Elite Grade Goblins, but can be done in normals, since Elite Grade Goblins can spawn there as well.

Quest is working fine.

Greater Threats

Shiny Secrets

  • Completion Requirement: Goblin Caves; Open 2 Lion’s Head Chests in one Session.
  • Quest Reward: 200 Gold Coin, 1 Watchman Cloak, 1 Stitched Turnshoe, 300 Experience, 25 Affinity

Would be best to bring in some lockpicks, however there is a chance for Lion’s Head Chests to be unlocked. You can guarantee better success however by bringing lockpicks.

Quest is working fine.


  • Completion Requirement: In Goblin Caves; Survive 3 times WITHOUT taking ANY damage.
  • Quest Reward: 200 Gold Coin, Rapier, Spellbook, 350 Exp

I would do this in normal because people won’t be as bloodthirsty for your gear like in HR. Also just stick to the edge of zone or near a static you can leave right away in from.

Quest is working fine.

One Eyed Foe

  • Completion Requirement: In Goblin Caves; Kill 1 Cyclops
  • Quest Reward: 500 Gold Coin, Gold Coin Bag, 1,000 Exp, 50 Affinity

Unlike Troll, I dodge right instead of left. It’s just a matter of learning the fight, or if you see someone else doing it, run in and “help” and hope you get the final blow.

Quest is working fine.

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