Super Fantasy Kingdom – How to Beat Curse 5

Ultimate Guide to Beating Curse [5]

Curse 5 can be beat! It’s hard and will take an incredible amount of time. I’m posting my general build order and daily goals so that you can attempt to beat it too!


  • 150 glory slot unlocked.
  • 2 orbs unlocked.
  • All locations outside your city unlocked.
  • First fish purchased (I did not have the $1k fish).
  • Extra Worker unlocked.

Map Selection:

You will need to constantly restart to find a good map seed.

  • Stone and Wood: You want your stone and wood highly clustered. At least 4-5 stone nodes near the vein. You want 6+ trees clustered together and another 2 at medium distance. You want one or both of these to be next to the top left so your horse can collect quickly. If your resources are too far, your workers will bring the resources back to the castle which means they aren’t working!
  • Gold: Doesn’t need to be perfect but you want 3-4 nodes close to the vein. With the new clustering, gold is much less of an issue
  • Berries: As long as you have 2 berries close to your tavern and another 1-2 in medium distance, this should be okay.

Starting Orb Selection:

  • Wood – Build house + Quarry immediately
  • Wheat -> to buy monk
  • Berry – So you don’t have to get food on day 1


  • Day 1: Monk, Crossbowman, Swordsman, Storage expansion (up to 16 max)
  • Day 2: Multi-hit unit (i.e. runescribe), Walls, Second house, Crossbow 1*
  • Day 3: Sawmill, Dock
  • Day 4: Swordsman 1, Miniboss, Gold mine
  • Day 5: Trader (2 Planks for 2 Gold Bars), Stone Vein unlock, Farm, Add chamber
  • Day 6: Purchase unit from hero, Smelter, Knight rank up
  • Day 7: Goblin King
  • Day 8: Monk 1, multi-hit unit 1*
  • Day 9: Hunter’s Hut, multi-hit unit 2*
  • Day 10: Gold vein
  • Day 11: Multi-hit unit 3* or Brewary + Well
  • Day 12: Multi-hit unit 3* or Brewary + Well
  • Day 13: Elemental Tower + any other unit upgrades you can afford
  • Day 14: Survive the day


The goals above are just that, GOALS. Each map will play a bit different and you may have to adapt accordingly. However, I have found the first couple days are critical as you will fall behind the rest of the playthrough if you miss these.

Day 1:

Build 1 house, Lumberyard, and Quarry immediately. Put 4 on wood and then immediately de-assign and put them on stone. They will collect the 4 wood then go straight to stone. Buy the Monk, Crossbow, and Swordsman ASAP. Keep collecting stone and expand your storage to hold 16. Buy walls if you can. You may have to micro your units a bit depending on spawn luck.

Day 2:

Select a good Multihit unit. I like the runescribe for this. Do not use more than 3 rerolls as you will need them for the trader (day 5) and potentially hero selection (day 6). Once you see enough stone piled up at the quarry for walls (might have happened on day 1), assign all to Wood. Buy the walls as soon as enough stone is brought to the castle. Once you get enough wood for second house, build it near your tavern and immediately assign one to berries. If you find that you are not collecting enough berries by EOD, you can restart the level and assign someone sooner. Keep 4 on wood and get Crossbow 1* upgrade. You will need to micro this level. Those dinosaurs will beat up your units quick.

Day 3:

Build the sawmill ASAP and start making planks. You want 9 planks between today and day4 (dock, gold mine, chamber expansion, trader). After making at least 3 planks for the dock, balance your eco as needed. Keep making planks and start gathering stone for swordsman 1*. Keep at least one on food (fish + berries). Try to end the day some extra wood/planks. Once again you may have to micro depending on enemy spawns. I find it best to tank with squishies early on and then floating in the monk to heal so that the swordsman and knight have max armor at night.

Day 4:

Start miniboss. Crossbow 1, Monk, swordsman 0 and knight are enough to kill. Put your crossbow in front and knight in the back middle. Have 4 planks by EOD (2 for trader, 2 for chamber upgrade). Balance your eco and work toward day 5 Goals, prioritizing the farm. Build the gold mine if you can. Going forward, you will want to make sure you have enough food every day for your team. Don’t overcommit on food as you will be undercommitting on other building objectives.

Day 5:

Trade 2 planks for 2 gold bars from the trader. Build the farm and immediately get 2 wheat. You will get the last one from the miniboss delivery. Buy the chamber expansion (more units on the field) from the tavern. Put 4 on gold. After collecting 5 gold, develop the stone vein. Assign multiple to stone and leave 1 on gold. At this point, you will want to keep at least one on stone permanently until you no longer need stone. For combat, I like to have knight, monk, swordman in my frontline. Crossbow behind the monk and my extra unit behind the swordsman.

Day 6:

Purchase a unit from the hero. Rank up your knight when it’s available. I like the armor upgrade. Assign one to wheat to collect 2-3 wheat (only close-medium distance wheat). Assign the rest to gold. Remember to keep one on stone. Build the smelter and start getting

Day 7:

Kick the goblin King’s ass. Make gold bars for unit upgrades. Collect a bit more wheat. This is a bit of a catch-up day so work ahead if you can.

Day 8:

Buy monk 1* once you have enough. Upgrade your multi-hit unit to 1* once you have enough. Make as many gold bars as you can. You should also be close to the hunter’s hut now. Start making some planks for it.

Day 9:

Keep making gold bars for multi-hit unit 2*. Build the hunter’s hut and assign everyone toward the end of the day.

Day 10:

You should be close to having enough stone as you only need to build the Well. De-assign once you have enough stacked at the quarry and collected. Collect your wheat, don’t let it despawn! Unlock the gold vein and assign 1 permantly. You can use the outpost if you need to get some gold faster. Balance your food collection as you will only get 1-2 hunt plus a fish per day. You may need to go back to berries occasionally. Start making some planks for the brewary. Build the Well if you can

Day 11:

Build the well and brewardy ASAP. Assign 2 to the brewary and de-assign other places to make sure it’s always working and the other workers are helping the hores bring those in. Gather a couple extra wheat. This day can be hard since enemies bypass armor. An alternative option for this day is to use the outpost for the extra gold and prioritize getting your unit to 3*. In my run, my multi-hit unit (runescribe) was the LAST to get the beer. So I used the alternate route

Day 12:

Get whatever you didn’t get the day before.

Day 13:

Build the elemental tower. I like to sac the extra unit I have personally. You can reset the day if you don’t like the element you get.

Day 14:

Put your tanks in front! I like the archer behind the middle character so they all have armor in the front. You should be strong enough to win. Good luck!

Notes and Other Random Thoughts:

  • I used my outposts for deposit (3 Ore) and level 3 upgrade for my runescribe.
  • You can reset any day by just exiting to the main menu.
  • Each day has 2 different seeds. This is especially apparent with the trader. On the start of the day, just try hitting spacebar to start the dialog faster vs waiting for him to start it. He will have different items. The different seeds will also affect your provoke spots.
  • If you die, before “Accepting Death” you can exit the game and reload it to re-attempt a day.
  • I keep monk on the bench most of day 2-5 until I unlock the extra slots. I just use him to tank and heal mostly.
  • You can beat the miniboss earlier (as early as day 2 with the halfling)
  • In hindsight, you could probably prioritize the farm for day 4 instead of the gold mine
  • There are other build routes to beat Curse 5! This is just one of them. Hope it gives you some ideas!

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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