Darkest Dungeon II – Jester’s Hero Shrine Melody Solution

How to Solve Jester’s Hero Shrine Melody

You are trying to match your side of the musical bar with an inverse of the right side of the bar. So imagine positions 1,2,3,4 on the left, the right will be 4,3,2,1. The Jester takes up one note of choice and you will see a “tuning bar” icon under him at whichever position he is currently in, you can switch his position to change what note he will keep in tune.

The note changing pattern will look like Quaver (single flag) changes to Semiquaver (double flag), Semiquaver changes to Beam (the double note with the connecting line), and lastly Beam changes to Quaver.

Of course you are trying to manage all this before you hit your stress limit. The notes on display will likely be random, so you have to look things over before you start and figure out how many times it will take to change to the correct note without even moving, and then try to figure out if you need to move or if you can just stand where you started to manage this.

As a help when a note position is in tune it will get a tuning bar icon under it.

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