Dead by Daylight – How to Play as The Singularity (HUX-A7-13)

I had a totally different experience with Hux. To me, Hux is alot like Nurse. A real pain to learn and godly once mastered. First few times I played Hux I hated him. Now he is my main.

The Singularity (HUX-A7-13) Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  • Put cameras by Gens you are trying to protect.
  • Place cameras far apart in areas you want to control so you will still have active cameras even if the main ones are EMP’ed.
  • Replace cameras when they are EMP’ed. This wastes the survivors time while they are trying to get more EMPs.
  • Once you mark a survivor (slipstream) you can teleport to them over great distances.
    • If you teleport to a survivor who drops a pallet, you break the pallet with minimal slow down and continue chase.
    • If they pre-throw the pallet while you are charged up from a teleport, you break it at +70% speed.
    • If they jump a window right after you teleport, you can vault at +70% speed while you are charged up.
    • If they jump a window and you wait till they are a few paces away, teleport and you will clear the window and appear on their side.
  • If a survivor is standing a floor above you gesturing at you (tea bagging)/watching you, Slipstream them and you can teleport between floors, right next to them. (I love doing this, I have practically heard Survivors mouths drop open when they realize Hux can move freely between floors in a split second if there is any line of sight)

Camera Placement Tips

  • Place them as high as possible in trees and on walls to maximize your view of the map. If placed right, you might be able to mark survivors who are trying to hide in a jungle gym from a distance where they do not see the camera.
  • Learn the distance for the EMP. This will aid in placing cameras far enough apart that a survivor will be unable to knock all your cameras in an area off line in with one EMP.
  • Try not to use cameras looking at hooked survivors or view a camera while you are near a hooked survivor. You will be penalized and the camera will mark/teleport you at a super slow rate. Likewise, using a camera while Hux is standing near a hooked survivor will have a super slow recovery time. Once the survivor is unhooked, have at it…. but if they are on the hook, you will only suffer if you try to camp.
  • Remember, even if you can not get the slipstream off, making survivors get EMPs is still wasting their time. Each second a survivor spends at a box pushing a button is a second they are not pounding down gens. This buys you time.
  • If you are in chase and knock someone down, check a camera or two on gens you think have progress before picking the survivor up. There is a high chance you can mark someone and scare them off the gen while you hook the downed survivor. This way you can get to the gen before it pops, instead of having it get completed while you are carrying someone to the hook.
  • Remember that you have NO TERROR RADIUS while you are checking cameras. If are in a camera for a bit, you will also have NO TERROR RADIUS for a few seconds when returning to Hux. So if you are near a gen or see a survivor who is running toward Hux, you can often catch them off guard.

Reasons I think Hux is like Nurse

  • They both have a high skill ceiling.
  • They both require you to know the map and how Survivors are going to move/play tiles.
  • They both should be played in an aggressive manner. This means that you will only see Camping from a Nurse/Hux if they are low skill and have no other means to secure a kill.

Hope this wall of text helps.

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