Dead Cells – Return to Castlevania Achievement Guide

A guide to the new DLC achievements.

How to Obtain All Return to Castlevania DLC Achievements


Am I still on the island?

  • Reach the Castle’s Outskirts for the first time.

In the cellars, find and talk to this dude, follow the path down and you should be allowed to enter the Castle’s Outskirts.

Into the vampire’s den

  • Reach Dracula’s Castle for the first time.

Only one exit in the previous area, just complete Castle’s outskirt by climbing the castle gates.

Don’t fear the Reaper

  • Reach the Defiled Necropolis for the first time.

Go through this exit in Draculas castle.

What is a man?

  • Reach the Master’s Keep for the first time.

After clearing Necropolis, Dracula mentions he will find you once he needs you again. You will not run in to him on the rest of your run. Next time you die, he will find you in spawn.

Here he will inform you to head to the clock tower. The game then says you can only do Castlevania dlc once per run.

Once you finish the clock tower boss, he will be waiting for you on the other side, go through the new door he provided.

This is the only exit within the castle if you go in through clock tower.

Good luck with the upcoming boss!


Death can be found in Defiled Necropolis.

Death comes for us all… but not you!

  • You beat Death!

Dodge death

  • Defeat death without taking a single hit.

I still have 8 lives

  • Have Maria’s Cat deal the last hit to Death.

When in Castle’s Outskirts, you will see a cat running around, catch that cat, it can be hard and frustrating, but it will reward you with a key.

Find the locked door in the same area to rescue her, she will tell you to pet the cat on the way out, if you do that, the cat will now be a pet for you for the rest of the run.

Pretty simple, when the boss is low on hp, just dodge him and let the cat kill him, hes kinda op (the cat).

You don’t belong in this world!

  • You beat Dracula!

Located in Master’s Keep, Good luck!

See you in 100 years

  • You beat the last encounter of Castlevania!

Final boss for the DLC, i dont want to spoil much, He is located in Master’s Keep. Good luck!

Does what it says on the tin

  • You beat the last encounter of Castlevania with the Vampire Killer.

Honorary Belmont

  • You beat the last encounter of Castlevania without taking a single hit!

Note: I got this by killing both bosses in Master’s Keep, without getting hit, i am unaware if its both phases of the boss fight.

A tip for the 2nd phase, a lot of his jumps and landing will damage you if you are on the same platform, when there is only one platform, time your jumps off of it and jump back on.


Knowledge is power

  • Hit the same enemy with 5 orbiting Bibles in short succession.

Blueprint can be dropped by this purple monster.

Can you stop moving please?!

  • Kill a Werewolf with a Throwing Axe.
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  1. The black werewolf dropped the Bible blueprint for me.
    Do you have to last hit Dracula with the Vampire Slayer? I had the Vampire Slayer but didn’t used it. Didn’t get the cheevo…

    • its not dracula you want to kill with the vampire slayer, its his 2nd form that you want to finish off with the vampire slayer

  2. “Does what it says on the tin”
    Defeat Dracula with Vampire Killer without using Mutation “No Mercy”.

  3. I am not given an achievement for killing death without damage, the door in the hub opens, the drawing of golden clothes and the achievement are not issued

  4. I got Knowledge by hitting a Elite protected by the green Crystals, as long as he is immune, it´s easy to stack it.

  5. And regarding knowledge is power, i got it against Death. Just melee tank him with the bible and it should work.

  6. I switched to the Vampire Killer (from my backpack) during the final fight and didn’t get the achievement so maybe you need to enter the fight with it as well?

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