Pizza Tower – All Enemies Guide (Ancient Cheese)

This guide is on Pizza Tower enemies. Currently its only the enemies in ancient cheese.

List of All Enemies


I will have to use my amazing descriptive skills in order for you guys to know which enemies I am talking about. Cheeseslimes are yellow, they are blobs and they have eyes and a mouth. They move around and don’t do anything. However they are strong since they like to force you to jump on them and your combo is dead. To avoid this kill the cheeseslime by literally any method. The hard part is choosing one.


Forknights are yellow cheeseslimes but they have become man in armor, they wield giant forks that can damage you if they walk into you. Just like fortnite, this enemy will make you question existence as it will repeatedly murder your combo and everyone. The best then you can do honestly is just dash into him, if you can’t then parry him if he is facing you or grab him if he isnt. If you arent confident in your simple timing abilities you can jump on his head, then use a body slam to finish him off. Easy peasy lemon squeezy rice and cheesy nice and breezy. Anything else risks his fork hitbox deciding to do a little trolling so they arent exactly safe methods.


The goblin is a green goblin and he is in a pizza box. He also has bombs and he throws them at you which behave like normal bombs but with a very short fuse timer. He is so easy im too lazy to talk about him he is easy.

Goblin 2

Goblin 2 is another goblin but he is a pepperoni and he is red. He looks like the trollface and tries to kick you which turns you into a ball. Not really that hard just a forknight but easy.


There are these guys that look like sausages I think maybe (or bread?) Idk they are tall they hold lances and they are very obvious. They are like forknight but 9999999999999999 iq so they now have the common sense to try to reach you on sight. However since he is not 200 iq yet he isnt able to turn directions so when he sees you he essentially goes faster. Do what you did against fortnite but hes faster now.


Lario is a rat and he sits still and is a door. You need to destroy lario using things not in peppino’s normal moveset like bombs and stuff.


Bob is this brown block he has a smile and is impervious to attack from the back side, however he can be destroyed from the front, essentially making him a one way door.

John Arbuckle

John pillar john pillar pillar john is like the wario frog switch, he stays in place at a certain part of the level and plays music designed to make you dread the upcoming chaos (especially in this level). When you destroy poor john he will say its pizza time and pizza time will start, which means the pizza delivery has been summoned. But remember!!! This guide is on ancient cheese, a level unironically more difficult than war you 100% will die you fool why did you destroy him before reading this part of the guide

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