Deep Rock Galactic – How to Remove Screen Distortion (Without Lowering Graphic Effects)

When the graphic effects setting is high/ultra, screen distortion occurs when something explodes such as EPC, Exploder, etc. But simply lowering it removes other fancy visual effects. Fortunately, here’s another way to fix it.

Guide to Remove Screen Distortion

Go to Engine.ini File

  • Close DRG program.
  • DRG Right click -> Manage -> Browse local files -> FSD/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/Engine.ini

Type the Command in the File

In Engine.ini file, type the following:


Save & Close the File

  • After save and close it, Start DRG and set effects to high/ultra.
  • Check the top of the drop pod in Space Rig. If there’s no screen distortion, you’re done!

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