Deep Rock Galactic – Karl Would Be Proud Achievement Guide (Fast and Easy Method)

So you decided to strive for perfection in achievement department, but you have no friends to have your back? No worries. With this guide you could complete this achievement without them, just like everything else in your life.

How to Obtain Karl Would Be Proud Achievement

What You Need

Before you could complete this achievement you will need couple of things.

  • Your own personal Engineer.
  • “Stubby” Voltaic SMG modified into electric crowd control with Turret EM Discharge overclock.
  • Deepcore 40mm PGL with RJ250 Compound overclock modded for maximum ammo.
  • LMG Gun Platform with Gemini System upgrade.
  • Bosco modified into diggin speed and rocket support.
  • Dash and hoverboots perks.

What to Do

First, find yourself nice Point Extraction Mission. The size and length doesn’t matter.

What matter is the start of the mission. You need to be lucky and do not score yourself a BET-C, Observer or swarms of mactera bloating up the sky.

The less obstacles the better it would be. Don’t hesitate to restart the mission, if condition isn’t right.

Looks like nice and comfy place.

After surviving the landing you need to send Bosco to dig up the aquarks, while you yourself will focus on survival.

Place your turrets strategically around the Mining Platform and kite enemies into them.

The Turret EM Discharge allow you to wipe out waves of enemies with minimal usage of your primary ammo. Discharge will even work if turret itself is out of ammo, but will require more shots from Stubby to activate.

Between the waves of enemies, you can use grenade jump to easily reach closest aquarks.

Dash and Hover Boots perks will be a great help in maneuvering and avoiding the enemies. You can use those perks with grenade jump to traverse through the whole cave in an instant.

Grenade launcher will also help you to knock down red sugar and quickly escape from swarms.

And don’t forget about BOSCO’s rockets. They can be a great help in dealing with praetorians or tight packs of grunts.

If you play your cards right, the mission will be completed in 10-15 minutes.

The hardest part of the mission is the Extraction. You will need to explore the cave and find an escape route before you call the extraction, or you run the risk of getting swarmed away from your turrets.

A little practice and you will be victorious.

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