Deep Rock Galactic – Without a Paddle Hidden Achievement Guide

This certain hidden achievement we’re tackling on is the “Without a Paddle” Achievement, which requires you to be the last man standing on the team with no ammo left on your primary and secondary + a raging Dreadnaught on your map. now how do we chiz it? it’s quite simple actually.

How to Obtain This Secret Achievement


First you need to start a Solo Dreadnaught Hunt. I unlocked it on Haz 4 so i think in this case any Haz will work.

Second you need to locate a cocoon on your map so start mining miners!

Third waste all of your Ammo including the grenades and support equipment ammos.

And lastly pick the cocoon until it pops and then your done, Achievement unlocked!

That’s it folks the easiest hidden achievement ever in DRG, u don’t even need to finish the map or kill the Dreadnaught you can bounce out after the cocoon pops and you got the achievement. Rock and Stone!

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