Demons Roots – Complete Chapter 3 Guide

Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 3 Diana

You start with a different character now.

Capture 3 demons to continue.

Basically do as told in the story for a while – don’t try fighting robots since you will simply die. Fighting humans however is easy.

  • Eventually you unlock machine gun skill.
  • If you didn”t already – click button nearby and go east first to grab a weapon behind green door.
  • Once you get to level 9 you can kill robots in one shot of machine gun + lightning rod skill.
  • There are 2 chests in robot area – 1 has stat boost and another has helmet.
  • While your goal is east from where you came I first recommend going south and into the middle of the screen first – there are levers to open up a shortcut and a door near east area.
  • More importantly there is a very good accessory in a chest – gun holster which raises atk quite well.
  • Be careful though – robots in the middle are in groups of two, can be dangerous.
  • Once you are done grabbing loot – head to eastern area.
  • It’s linear except there is “dangerous” area in the middle. Avoid it for now.
  • You will end up near a possible shortcut and a boss fight.
  • More like a normal fight though since Sarasa can just wipe them out with AoE thunder spell. Fire works good too.
  • Fight will be easy and you now are a party of 5.. but can only use 4 party members.

All allies gain exp equally even if they are not in party. Since Diana is low level for now – I recommend swapping her out.

Sarasa with her AoE thunder will be wiping out stuff really well in this map.

  • You can now get through dangerous area in the middle, the robots have loads of HP, but not enough power to match a whole party.
  • Knight”s bangle in one of chests there is great accessory for atk.
  • Go south now and remove the crates.

In storage room area there are a lot of interactable objects for fun dialogue, so feel free to try and touch everything.

You also unlock shotgun + ACHIEVEMENT for it and get Laser claws, which are rather strong x2 basic attack weapon. Likely not worth over secret weapons if you are using skills though.

  • You are now in “teleportation” room with 3 possible options of where to go.
  • The way to proceed is westernmost teleport but you are free to loot the other area.
  • The middle one in particular has a shield with LOADS of magic defense and 10% evasion, amazing for Ange.
  • The next split you need westernmost teleport again to progress. Middle one has NPC we will eventually revisit for a reward.
  • Keep progressing for a while until you see an NPC who tells you about enemy weaknesses.
  • The teleporter near that NPC leads you to yet another of the same shield.
  • I gave 2nd one to Kalinka as she is lacking Mdef.
  • As you keep progressing – It’s the usual pattern of last teleport being the way to progress and all other are loot.
  • Once you reach red warning sign – you are about to enter boss fight.
  • Sarasa AoE thunder should wipe out the additional mobs while everyone else focuses robot guy. He is weak to fire/thunder.
  • From there It’s pretty easy.
  • Cutscenes commence and you are now free to move around with a party of 4 for now.
  • But that is enough.
  • The boss dropped an amazing accessory boosting attack/agility insanely, nice for Kalinka.

Let us tackle optional content now. If you don’t want to – skip to the next big section as usual.

Optional content + revisits

  • Let’s start by revisiting marketplace.
  • The merchant to the north has new rare gear, all might hat is nice if you don’t have it on Sarasa.
  • He also sells dragon penis, buy it and you should have 3/7 now.
  • That’s it here.
  • As you try to visit world map – Ultra Beast Advent happens.
  • If you go there – you will be killed… exactly the thing we want.
  • Just kidding, we are here to grab a dragon shield to the west and then leave.
  • Now let us revisit the Invasion/training area.
  • Teleport to Bohelos Castle and the demon there should allow you to fly towards Training Grounds.. talking with demon there will allow you to travel there directly in the future should you ever want to.
  • Go inside barracks and keep walking straight north through 2 shortcuts you have created previously. You should reach entrance to next area.
  • Instead of going inside – head west. There is an NPC with dialogue + 2 stat boost items near him.
  • That’s it here unless you want to reach the very end of the area for a mere spirit soul stone.

Equip Dragon Shield and accessories dragon king cape + anal jewelry (or lapis lazuli)

Now head to Tolkia kingdom

  • Start by going NW – there is a slave who will give you a dragon penis 4/7.
  • Simple dragons should be trivial by now. Boss will be a bit challenging.
  • Dragons are still very strong but don’t have much HP. They are weak to ice – If Sarasa gets to lvl 34 her improved single target ice magic will do massive damage.
  • SE corner of the cave has dragon guarding lots of spirit stones.
  • Boss dragon has huge HP pool of ~50-60k but is not too much stronger offensively.
  • Upkeep both evasion buffs of Ange and heal her.. unless you get unlucky you should be fine.
  • Demons Roots are high chance RNG way to skip fire breath. Aegis storm is a guarantee.
  • After you defeat boss grab chests. You can talk with the guy on top of the bridge for a spirit soul stone. Keep going up just like in story to reach the dragon you might remember avoiding. there is chest with another dragon shield behind it. Keep going to where you rescued queen and you will see a flying demon there who opens up a teleportation point.
  • You can go until the very end to where boss was if you want to get some spirit stones, there will also be a demon who can get you out.. or you can just leave now.

That’s it for optional content for now.

Chapter 3 Continued

Go to Land of Sacrifice Orphe

First go to NW small path to reach another Bohelos monument and the 3rd cutscene with it. There is also chest with mythril dagger behind it.

The area is pretty big but there are no secrets here and only loot in plain sight.

NE corner is where you want to go if you want to progress to next area.

  • Inside the city there is only one non blocked path and that is NE again.
  • After the cutscene there exit the city to continue story.
  • Go where cutscene shows to find Diana.

Now you need to find 3 plants – they are all in this area:

  1. Simply head a bit east from Diana.
  2. Continue east, once across the bridge go north between the walls.
  3. Continue along the path and back west when It’s available. Should be near old man/woman.

Return to Diana now

  • After a long set of cutscenes Diana finally joins you for good.
  • I would say Diana is the one you want to generally leave out of your party.
  • Her main trick is limited ammo weaponry which are best used for harder encounters while wielding specialized gear.

Go back into city now and go NW corner to open the previously locked door into evacuation route area. Ice is a weakness here.

West of where you start is dead end with a bit loot. Back to main path and go purely north until 2 chests and 2 holes. One of the holes has stat boost item.

Onto next area – 1F, a few things you can grab here:

  1. SE corner – armor on the stand.
  2. North from it is a small eastern section with a treasure chest which has stat boost item.

There are 2 stairs on 1F, let us start with NW one as It’s optional and only has loot.

On 1F the big enemy is an ACHIEVEMENT. It’s a miniboss with solid HP pool, but buff kalinka and use her gladius to kill him in 3-4 hits.

After that you can get spirit soul stone from woman NPC a bit south of big enemy.

There NE corner also has slave NPC who gives spirit soul stone too.

Go to 2F via NE stairs now.

Go east first and interact with weapon case for ACHIEVEMENT and Diana TP restore skill.

  • Now continue west.
  • As you start going south – keep hugging east wall while going south starting with the place where there is chest in the east among crates.
  • There should be an invisible path slightly below visible stairs on the east side of the screen.
  • This path leads to the secret area in 1F.
  • It has bow in the chest but more importantly cracked wall opens up shortcut with 1F and gives ACHIEVEMENT.
  • Now go back.

Big enemy along the way further south is another mage but you don’t need to kill more than 1 so feel free to avoid this one.

SE corner leads into small area with a stat boost item chest.

Interact with door in SW corner now – It’s not yet boss fight.

A short dialogue will play out and you will need to climb the ladder nearby.

This leads to BOSS fight now.

BEFORE you fight – unequip HP regen hat/shield/lapis lazuli from Ange, she likely uses your best stuff and we will need it for Polca soon.

Don’t worry, you win in one hit, game completed (Just kidding). But the first fight is really over after one hit.

After the fight head back into the room to end up with only Diana + Polca.

The next boss fight you will soon face continues the game even if you lose and it’s hard to win BUT you can win for extra reward!

  • Only Polca will be in the next boss fight.
  • I highly recommend equipping her with bohelos sword, best shield, HP regen hat which we removed from Ange.
  • As for accessories I recommend Lapis Lazuli(resisting silence) + Shield Necklace or Amulet(amulet is a bit more silence resist, shield neck is more def, up to you)

You don’t need to fight any enemies to start boss fight so feel free to skip them and rush forward.

Strategy for boss fight is simple:

  • Early on use carnivorous plants every turn > if HP starts getting low use full heal > if you are silenced/out of MP use either full HP potion or spirit soul stone.
  • You can also gamble and use demons roots at high TP but if it fails to slip it can lead to danger.
  • As he gets to low HP he will stop using his weak magic and only do his strong slice.
  • At this point you simply have to keep healing until RNG makes him only do 1 slice instead of 2 after which you have a room to safely hit.

With correct equipment set it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, my polca was lvl 50 with no stat boosts but there would be no danger overall by doing everything correctly and being careful even on lower levels.

Once he only spams the slice – don’t worry, he only has ~3-4k HP left so even if you take it slow only aiming for his RNG fails it won”t take too long…

How RNG smiles on you mostly decides how many consumables you waste here.

  • If you manage to beat him – you get battle princess necklace + ACHIEVEMENT.
  • It’s a VERY powerful accessory giving 10% TP regen/critical/evasion.
  • Best candidates for it are Kalinka (combo of turbo arm + this accessory makes her an even bigger powerhouse) or Ange (more evasion/TP regen is crazy for survival if you stack evasion on everything else)

But plot moves on essentially the same way no matter win/loss.

You end up near Maximus entrance.

We can technically do some optional content but I will leave it for later since Rooklook can’t be revisited yet.
Doremi has all atk whip which beats even the Bohelos Sword in terms of atk value – decent for random fights.
Also a defensive accessory which is similar to but 10 def worse than imperial cape you have.

None are really needed though, so feel free to just continue main quest. Don’t forget to reequip Ange.

Once inside the Maximus castle – bookcases here do not yield books mostly(ironic, I know), the only exclusion is places with “dead end” ladders reading higher into shelve.

Some enemies are weak to fire so fire AoE is best on Sarasa but she will generally be pretty weak here.

The way to continue plot is by pressing the lever BUT every other path is dead end with either equipment or stat boost so visit them first.

Press the 2nd lever after that to continue further again.

Before going for 3rd lever you are free to gather some loot.

4th lever is OPTIONAL go there first for an Achievement by discovering another weapon for Diana.

Before you head south to next area – there is a SECRET path you can get not far from the exit south.

Head NE past the sofas to go through gap between bookshelves. There will be some chests with a key we will use later and stat boost food.

Touch the crystal nearby for H scene.

To the west is chest with magic knight shield, It’s got great defensive stats but no evasion, perfect for Kalinka.

Climb down the ladder south. The way to progression is east but you can grab some books from shelves in south rooms first.

Continue into prison area now

  • If you got the west key before – you will be able to open cells here for some loot.
  • There 2nd row of cells has big enemy near it – It’s the same Archmage miniboss we already fought at least once.
  • This time you likely have “Shade spell” on Sarasa which should deal ~3k damage besides the usual ~6k damage from buffed up kalinka.
  • The cell near him has great weapon for Diana.

Keep going forward until you reach the southern side of “fire path”.

Now go into the 2nd cell east from here and touch the northern wall of cell to open a secret path which leads to ACHIEVEMENT and also disables the fire for a shortcut.

In the shortcut where “fire” was is a secret path to the cell with 2 chests you couldn”t open. They have stat boosts.

Nothing interesting left in this area, your goal is reaching eastern area.

In between prison areas is a huge matk accessory, great for Sasara.

In eastern prison you won”t be able to open cells yet since you don’t have key.

Keep going until you reach a “crest” made out of water. Go east from the eastern tip of this water to go through wall and get a secret staff from chest + ACHIEVEMENT for it.

As you go further – disable the pedestal to remove fire for a shortcut.

  • Eventually you will reach a forced easy boss fight.
  • It’s very sturdy but also pretty weak.
  • Chimeric seed and dark element do great damage here.. and obviously usual Kalinka buffed up gladius.

You get eastern key from this fight but progress further north first and rescue Lily… again.

Now you have to backtrack aaall the way out of prison area.. use shortcuts you opened to speed up the process… feel free to open cells you previously couldn”t and rescue some NPCs but all those only give meh consumables.

You will need to reach nearly all the way up to nearly the northernmost point you can get to.

The place just before last north one you can access basically.

  • It will have a door near the lever where you need to go.
  • Enter this door to end up near another door.
  • Enter the other door and press the lever there.
  • Now go back to see a ladder nearby – climb it and continue linearly from there to eventually get into boss fight + a big plot twist with King Exit(timeline sequel but first game in reality)
  • The boss has INSANE amount of HP and will do barrier multiple times.
  • He is only dangerous if he does two AoE and gets lucky with hit rate against Ange however.
  • Other than that just long fight.
  • Upkeep best self buff of Kalinka and do gladius.
  • Sarasa does her “Shade” attack.
  • Sarasa will also get her ultimate skill here which is nice for this battle too.

After the boss battle you will be back to estate and inside a long linear story sequence.

You technically only need to see the 4 events to progress:

  1. Marketplace
  2. Farm
  3. South from from castle
  4. Castle library

But there is also some extra dialogue to be had in castle throne room/hospital optionally if you want to. After all 4 you have to visit farm.

  • Stuff happens and you end up near castle. Go inside.
  • Also you likely want to swap out Diana, formation got messed up after cutscene.
  • Your equipment is also a bit messed up since everyone has a crappy accessory in slot 1 now, swap back your previous equip.

All enemies will be weak to thunder here.

You go to hospital first then go back to get Lily and then go outside of castle, ask the flying demon to send you to peace park. Enter Nursery through either tunnel. They both start at same place.

  • Encounters here are random encounters.
  • Technically to progress you only need to get 10 demon kills and go to Scathach in approx NW corner.
  • The only interesting thing in this dungeon is a chest with armor piece which reduces encounter rate by half, nice for EX dungeons if you don’t want to fight randoms. It’s located approx west from NE corner.

If you defeat 15 or 20 instead – you can grab some spirit stones from NPCs near Scathach. But That’s kinda pointless.

  • Use flying demon to get back to estate and prepare for a boss fight.
  • The boss is quite sturdy but otherwise kinda weak. The only weakness is thunder.
  • If kalinka gets to her ultimate you might luck out with crit and one shot her directly though. My kalinka dealt ~25k damage crit with it.

Boss drops best shield in the game – equip it on Ange afterwards.

After boss a long set of cutscenes commences and you will eventually be lead into choice where one choice is bad end.

You can hold CTRL to skip dialogue very fast to rewatch things.

You need to see bad end first for an extra ACHIEVEMENT, the choices are:

  • Break our promise – leads to “bad” end.
    • This is technically the “TRUE end” which follows the king exit scenario.
  • Wait enough time and “Keep our promise” will appear allowing you to continue the game.

Eventually you are free to move again. Take chest slightly to the east of where you start for a stat boost item.

  • To progress go south and face 3 easy battle.
  • After the first one Najezta joins you.
  • Throw some books his way since he is lvl 1, he will perma join you very soon.
  • Najezta is a jack of all trades pretty much.
  • Can equip almost any weapon, can do almost anything – heal, do some buffs, deal both physical and magical damage, inflict some debuffs…
  • Downside is mostly low stats and not too strong skills.
  • His ultimate is almost like Polca”s – allowign to “slip” even bosses.
  • Mebius will join you after 2nd combat.
  • Mebius is a.. weird character.
  • His stats end up as highest patk… but a lot of his stronger stuff is magic attacks which he has at very low value.
  • In the end he can’t remotely match Kalinka as patk character.
  • Considering you want at least Anje + Kalinka + Lily + one of healers in your party(Polca or Najezta) – this will mean you are unlikely to use him in your party unless thunder element is needed or you want to skip using a healer entirely.

Last combat is kinda “boss” but It’s pretty easy.

  • Once you are done with the fights – you end up in Estate again.
  • Nothing much to do except talking with flying demon inside and flying to Doremi.
  • Once inside – cutscenes commence and you will eventually search the safe of the manager.
  • This concludes the chapter.
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