Demons Roots – Complete Extra Chapter Guide

Extra chapter happens in between chapter 4 and 5. Covering the mini story about Diana.

Extra Chapter Walkthrough

All credit goes to Hentaika!

Extra Chapter

Technically your goal is Tortas and there is nothing to explore elsewhere BUT you can find your companions for some dialogue if you really want to, totally optional:

  1. Mebius in bohelos castle.
  2. Ange in Shingana old fort.
  3. Sasara in front of Rooklook entrance.

Once you decide to continue story go to Tortas City inn(closest building when you teleport)

Visit Plana city now

  • Go to inn and through the cutscenes until you finally need to enter luxury hotel.
  • The window you need to enter through is on the 2nd floor of the inn you are in.
  • The fights should be handled by Kalinka. She should be killing one enemy per turn, just hold Z.

On floor 3 room with captives is a hard to miss urn with stat boost.

Continue until floor 6

  • Floor 6 has somewhat hard to find room to the north which has stat boost.
  • Continue to floor 7 after that.
  • Floor 7 is a pushover boss fight.
  • Keep going in the story now until you reach sewers.
  • In sewers there is nothing interesting.
  • Run away if you see solo slime.
  • Other groups are easy/fine as long as you equip something remotely decent.

Keep going until you reach seemingly dead end in NW corner.

East of it is a “wall” you can go through to see a strong enemy you likely can’t defeat solo. Memorize this area – we will be returning here in chapter 5.

  • You don’t need to go there however – what you need is a hard to see ladder going up in this “dead end”.
  • In new area – north is dead end so go south.
  • There is nothing interesting for a long while so keep going with the story.
  • Eventually Kudan joins you.
  • Visit 3rd Empire with him.
  • Inside 3rd empire you need alley approx in the middle of the area for a cutscene to start.
  • Proceed into Devil”s Factory through revealed exit.
  • Kudan should carry you even if you are weak.
  • In 1st area the only interesting loot is in NE corner – a gold urn with stat boost.
  • In the 2nd area there is another hard to miss urn not far from start of area – north from the “loads of shelves” place.
  • In 3rd area kudan will leave you and in 4th you will finally fight the boss so prepare your diana with at least some gear.
  • The boss shouldn”t be too hard unless you are very underleveled. Simple first aid spam is enough to sustain you for a few turns.
  • As fight goes on you will eventually get the ultimate move for Diana which makes the remaining fight pretty much guaranteed win.
  • Scenes happen, eventually you control Polca again.
  • Simply keep going where the game tells you to, there are no secrets.
  • Eventually chapter will end.
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