Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Endgame Prismatic Titan Build

Endgame Prismatic Titan Build Guide for The Final Shape

By Pistol / CEO of Prismatic.

Build Goals and Summary

To kick off the build we will go over what the build is doing, how it’s doing, and why you’ll be doing some of the things in this build. This build needs to be clarified as a build that is NOT designed for the Day 1 Raid, and is NOT designed for Day 1 of The Final Shape Campaign.

Super Bladefury / Twilight Arsenal
Class AbilityThruster
MeleeFrenzied Blades

Before we move onto the Aspects and Fragments section of the build we’re going to first delve into the abilities on what they do and why they’re being selected.


We’re taking Bladefury as our first super. This super will feed our survivability in the class, any defensive verbs will be welcome verbs. In combination with our exotic class item this super will do respectful damage while clearing any pesky enemies you can’t Thundercrash into.

Twilight Arsenal:

Typically I wouldn’t recommend this super whatsoever. However, Episode: Echoes has plenty of Void synergy in its Artifact. Even after the Episode is over, or the Artifact is deprecated this super will still have use cases.

This super will be a swap on Raid Encounters in which DPS is necessary. While it’s not Thundercrash, the super will allow you to quickly cake on some extra damage during a DPS phase from a range to quickly get back to your damage rotation. Void Overshelds also give extra bonuses alongside Woven Mail to melee based builds via the Artifact. (More on that later).


Nothing fancy concerning this ability. Thruster is simply an excellent choice for Titans to use Heart of Inmost Light to empower abilities more regularly for faster regeneration and damage.

Frenzied Blades:

While being an excellent damage dealing melee this will work with a very popular and rumored Aspect combo that will allow for 3 very strong attacks which have been buffed for The Final Shape. This ability will exist to also help catch your Darkness meter up if it somehow is lagging behind.

Glacier Grenade:

This grenade will help in securing your Darkness meter. One primary goal of Prismatic is getting your Transcendent meter as high as possible as fast as possible. Having a lot of Darkness abilities will help fill this bar as well as a future Fragment we’ll be using. This Subclass is well balanced, but you will be using Light abilities more often.

Glacier Grenade benefits from the near double damage buff these grenades are going to be receiving. This in combination with the  Consecration buff allow for a guaranteed shattering giving you a double whammy of Light and Dark damage. With the added benefit of deleting wherever you’re pointing yourself at.


Aspect 1Knockout
Aspect 2 Consecration


This Aspect will be absolutely crucial for this build. While you may have Void Overshields while using Twilight Arsenal, or Woven Mail with Bladefury this Aspect will give you a combination of melee damage and survivability. Killing enemies with melee abilities will give you chunks of health regeneration. While Knockout is active you will also receive a healthy +50% Melee Damage buff.


Now onto “The Funny.” This Aspect has been a big talking point amongst Titans in Destiny 2 since Prismatic was revealed and showed off how these sorts of Aspects interact with Melee Abilities. Consecration is a simple, yet extremely effective ability in doing great damage alongside strong utility from its multitude of verb applications. Paired with Glacier Grenades and a handful of Fragments/Artifact Mods this ability will become a lot more than an explode stick.


Fragment 1Facet of Purpose Picking up an Orb of Power grants either Amplified, Restoration, Frost Armor, Woven Mail, or Overshield, based on the damage type of your equipped super. (-10 Recovery)
Fragment 2 Facet of DawnPowered melee hits against targets make you Radiant. Powered melee final blows make both you and nearby allies Radiant. (-10 Strength).
Fragment 3 Facet of RuinIncreases the size and damage of shattering a Stasis Crystal or Frozen target. Increases the size of Solar Ignitions. (+10 Mobility)
Fragment 4 Facet of BalanceRapidly defeating targets with Light damage grants Melee energy. Rapidly defeating targets with Dark damage grants Grenade energy.
Fragment 5Facet of SacrificeWhile you have a Light buff, ability final blows grant bonus Darkness Transcendence energy. (+10 Discipline)

Facet of Purpose:

An essential fragment to most Prismatic builds. A sort of no brainer pick that will always give you a buff of some kind for picking up an Orb of Power. In this build you will either gain Woven Mail or Void Overshield based on the super you have equipped. Both are decently strong defensive options that will give you damage reduction.

This will let you stay in the thick of combat while keeping risk lower. Paired with Knockouts healing you should have enough self sustain to keep putting up the good fight. Both of the mentioned elemental buffs will enable the Melee portion of Shieldcrush, granting bonus damage and recharge rate to your powered melees.

Facet of Dawn:

Using your melee as often as you will be in this class will give you a solid near constant 25% damage buff to your weapons. This buff also enables the Shieldcrush, the grenade portion however. This means your Glacier Grenade will be available more often while doing even more damage. This Fragment also enables your other Fragment, that of Sacrifice. Enabling that Facet means while using many Light abilities your Darkness meter if somehow lagging behind still will stay caught up.

Facet of Ruin:

Using both Glacier Grenade and Consecration means this Fragment is a near must use. The Glacier Grenade gets a further enhanced damage and size buff alongside The Final Shape’s double shatter damage buffs. Consecration gets larger ignitions, while not buffing the damage, it is a notable buff to a core ability in the build.

Facet of Balance:

A fairly self explanatory Fragment. In all basics your Consecration will give you more melee energy to do more Consecrations. Your Glacier Grenade kills will give you more Glacier Grenades.

Facet of Sacrifice:

Using your melee often will grant you Radiant. This buff will activate Sacrifice, giving you increased Grenade damage, regeneration and more Darkness Transcendent energy from any ability final blows.

This Concludes the Subclass portion of the build. Next we will move on to Armor, Weapons and the Artifact.


HelmetArc Siphon
Heavy Ammo Finder
Hands On
GauntletsHeavy Handed
Impact Induction
Momentum Transfer
Chest PieceConcussive Dampner
2x Elemental Resist 
Boots1x Recuperation
2x Absolution
Spirit Of The Inmost LightUsing an ability empowers the other two abilities granting them improved energy regeneration.Explosive Finisher

Powerful Attraction
Spirit Of The SynthocepsImproved melee damage when you’re surrounded. Distribution


The choice of both Exotics is fairly self explanatory when it comes down to the build. Both Exotics buff your Melee damage, and/or buff your Grenades damage and regeneration. Which both are already getting buffed, so stacking more on top will continue to feed into your ability loops. 


Kinetic / Darkness Outbreak Perfected
Elemental Indebted Kindness
Heavy Edge Transit

Outbreak Perfected:

A very, if not the strongest Kinetic Primary option for PvE before and after The Final Shape. It’s damage with crafted perks and the incoming +38% buff (Although it will get a small 10% nerf) give it a significant heads up amongst other Kinetic options. It will remain a solid damage option filling both sides of your Transcendent meter.

Indebted Kindness:

A strong option before and after The Final Shape’s release. Voltshot on this weapon will enable you to quickly build your Light meter if it is lagging. As well as deal with two types of champions, general ad clear, and major high health targets.

Edge Transit:

The current DPS King going into The Final Shape. With the Artifact Mods you can use this weapon to do even more damage than before. Which takes it from the best DPS Heavy weapon to the absolute best DPS Heavy Weapon.

The Artifact

This shorter section will go over The Artifact for Episode: Echoes. It will hit on what will be best for this build, and what to swap to for certain scenarios.

The slots on the Table will be those selected for the main build without swaps.

Anti-Barrier PulseLogic ReductorElemental Siphon
Unstoppable Sidearm
Press The Advantage 
Overload Hand CanonRadiant OrbsShieldcrush
Winning HandThreaded BlastGalvanic ArmorTransference

Extra Section for the Artifact

This section contains Artifact/Weapon Swaps that are not necessary, but will improve the build in certain scenarios.

Swapping to Expanding Abyss / Void Hegemony:

When using Edge Transit for DPS you will want to take Transference/Radiant Orbs off and instead to put Expanding Abyss/Void Hegemony on. This combined with your Twilight Arsenal Super will weaken bosses and increase your DPS output with Edge Transit and the Axes. For DPS this is a much needed increase in damage. I also would recommend a swap off Outbreak Perfected and instead use something like Buried Bloodline with its Catalyst. This will provide you with devour, weaken, and similar utility to Indebted Kindness.

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