Doomsday: Last Survivors – Bounty Ground Guide

In this guide I’ll be showing you how to play Bounty Ground and don’t get lost trying.

Guide to Bounty Ground

How to Start

When you open the event page you’ll see this page. What I recommend to you is having your best troops and Commanders at your shelter so you can choose them for the event. This way you’ll start with a nice advantage over the rest of players.

You can select up to 10k troops on the silver lobby.

A trick for you is select ONE type of troops, I usually get Riders so I can move faster, but it’ll depend on your gameplay style.

The Beginning

After selecting the troops, you’ll start the queue to play the match, you’ll see the HUD and the map by tapping the top right corner and see everything at one glance.

Your goal is to gather as much troops as you can so you can survive as long as you can. You’ll have a safe zone for you to move around, every amount of time the zone will get smaller and you’ll hear when it happens, try to stay inside the white circle so you don’t get damage and lose power.

How to Get More Troops

When the match begins you can find the mercenaries all around the map, they go from 80,000 might to 360,000 might, each one of them offers you a good amount of might for your own squad.

Every mercenary (and other players) you beat, you will get a percentage of their troops and your squad will be bigger, in consequence, you’ll get more power and you can resist more damage from other players.

In the early stages of the game I recommend you to gather as much mercenaries as you can and avoid PvP as much as you can, unless they are coming straight to you and you are more powerful than them, then, you should be able to get their troops to!

Remember that this is a strategy game more than anything else and you can find your gameplay style by trying.


Every now and then you will find amazing power ups for you to use. You can gather them by tapping on top and selecting the option, your squad will get closer to them and after 3 seconds you’ll be able to claim them.

You can storage up to 3 buffs and they have 3 different levels:

  • Green (common)
  • White (rare)
  • Gold (airdrops)

Each one of those rarities offers you better buffs, being green the lower and gold the most powerful ones.

The different type of power ups are:

  • Fire guns: increase your squad DMG.
  • Bulletproof vest: increase your squad DEF.
  • Shoes: Increase your squad speed.
  • Drone: Makes an explosion around an area that kills certain number of troops inside the area (enemies).
  • First aid kits: Revives a percentage of your squad at once.

Take in mind when gathering the power ups, if you get attacked while the time passes, you won’t be able to get the power up.


They will be marked by a box on a parachute, you can tap the marks around the corners to see how far they are and if they’ve been claimed, when you get to those you can get up to 2 gold power ups as long as you have space in your inventory.

Airdrop are marked by a red smoke when they’re falling.


When the safe zone gets smaller you will encounter more players along the way. Try to beat as much as you can when they are smaller to get more power and be able to survive more.

You can recover your squad’s health with first aid kit power up or don’t being in battle for a couple of seconds, but when you get to the final stage of the game, healing like this will be difficult.

You can take advantage of a fight joining the weaker player on attacking the stronger one to reduce faster they power up, like you do on normal gameplay! But take in mind that doesn’t mean that the other player won’t switch sides and attack you after/meanwhile! This is where a true commander shows their strength and strategy.

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