Dungeonborne – Fighter / DK Build (The Golden Knight)

The Golden Knight Build Guide for Fighter or DK

  • Long Sword
  • Midas II + Tangling Chain III

Would be using a Longsword, I would not equip a secondary set weapons for more Loot Grabs during Raids.

The +9 into Midas would always be amazing to use as a Casual killing of Mobs as well as opening chests kind of playstyle, chilling and killing mobs and opening chests to earn money. If there is a player, I can have very high survival rate via Melee combat, even if the player decides to back off cause I am tanky and not dieing, it would easily refresh my Passive 10 second cooldown for Tangling chain… which gives me an even more advantage if they didn’t kill me the first try via melee combat. Especially when +30 Tangling gives 225 hp after 3 seconds from activation, with also the speed and also the shield to easily use for gap closing the running enemy or backing off to re-heal.

This is an amazing Survival style set and I believe will be the go to for most Fighter and DK who are smart and know how to back off after getting the set activation, using the 3 seconds to their advantage and then backing off for the CD to come off to use it again….the longer the fights, the better for Fighter/DK.

Will be Running with the Normal Health Pots, as well as Stone Flasks. Reason for Stone Flasks is to place a nice wall between myself and the enemy to give me MORE time for my CD to come off cooldown, either them breaking the wall or walking around will give me an extra 2-4 seconds needed for the CD to be done.

Build is Not for PvP Focused… its for playing normally against mobs, opening chests, but defensive / offensive against players who want to fight, so its not heavily Offensive Focused.

This would be mainly focused 1v1 solo maps, but can be useful with 3v3 teams… I believe other builds are better for with a team though, compared to tangled chain.

Issue would be, Forced to use 2 hander Green, 2 Green rings, and Green Gloves. cannot change.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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