Dungeonborne – Pyromancer Build (Rank 1) with Tips

Rank 1 Pyro’s Build Guide and Combat Tips

By Kist.

I’m here to show yall the builds I used to achieve rank 1 pyromancer. I’ve managed to hit 1000 with my pyroblast, demanding respect from even the most geared tanks.

We’ll start with what thresholds are useful, and afterwards describe the two primary gear building styles. At the end, I’ll go over some tips.

The first intelligence threshold “ignite” is absolutely required. Every time you hit an enemy with a fire spell, they will accumulate stacks of ignite. A great way to utilize this is to spam unchanneled fireballs onto tanks to secure kills over time with the chip damage.

After reaching 45 intelligence, you have 3 new objectives

Obtain 20 dexterity for Swift Casting, which lets you channel your fireball twice as fast after you hit someone with your AOE fire blast. This should be relatively easy to achieve if you already have stats from being a high level.

Next, Focus on getting 30 Will to obtain Rekindle, which resets the cooldown of fireblast on kills. This has the added bonus of contributing to your additional Skill Damage via Will’s inherent effect.

After that, Keep Stacking Intelligence to reach the second ignite threshold which significantly increases the damage and amount of stacks. Intelligence also contributes to your overall elemental damage bonus.

Remember that over time, you will hopefully build a kit that contains all of these useful effects. Once you have met every threshold, I recommend continuing to stack Will for the skill damage bonus. A max roll of 8 will translates to about 3.2 skill damage, meaning each point of will gives about .4 skill damage.

Next we will talk about the two distinct styles of pyromancy: Fire and Lightning

  • Fire style is oriented around using your pyroblast for massive burst damage.
  • Lightning style is focused on using your two lightning staves to consistently barrage the backline.

Which two staffs you choose, alongside What your gear’s attributes are, determine your style.

Regardless of style, We always need to run 2 of the same staff. The reason being is that When you have gear that is blue quality or above, every staff has an innate 10-16% elemental damage roll. This demands us to double-down on our staff choice, as we would be sacrificing an incredibly large amount of relevant elemental bonuses otherwise. Purple staffs all have an innate 10-16% skill damage roll as well, essentially requiring that quality for both our staffs. Purple Rings also have innate 10-16% skill damage rolls. These 4 items are pyros most massive power spikes.


Fire is my personal favorite end-game build, but it is noticeably reliant on good gear.

When gearing up for a fire oriented build, There are three primary stats I hunt for:

  • % Damage
  • Skill Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • And All Elemental Damage

% Damage is quite literally the best stat in the game for every class. It affects every form of damage output, and has no diminishing returns. Even 12.4% collectively on a piece between skill damage and fire damage somehow underperforms compared to 11.7% damage on the same piece.

Skill damage stacks incredibly well with your pyro blasts and your fire AOE. If you are building for lightning damage, this attribute becomes the least relevant.


Lightning is a great way to deal consistent damage with farcasting. It is perfect for budget pyros, since you dont really need any skill damage rolls.

When gearing for a Lightning oriented build, I prioritize the skills a little differently.

  • % Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • All elemental Damage
  • Skill Damage

These damage attributes can only roll on Hats, Shirts, Gloves, and Necklaces. All weapons have innate percent damage rolls, and ONLY purple rings have skill damage.

For Both builds, When looking at tertiary stat attributes for our pants and boots, we want to prioritize intelligence until level 70, then Will as much as possible. Will contributes to Skill Damage, and Intelligence contributes to Elemental Damage. Will seems to scale your skill damage slightly larger than intelligence scales your elemental damage.

Corrupted gear is something that has an increased bonus at the cost of it having a stipulation to activate. The only corrupted gear that a pyro would find useful is something like this. Almost double the damage % of a typical amulet at the cost of our opponent being required to be full HP. This particular corruption helps us 1 hit people with the charged pyroblast.

Useful Tips

Alright lets move on to some important tips…

Pick up as many torches at the beginning of the round as you can. Pyros use these to quickly refresh their inferno stacks when there are no environmental torches around. Inferno stacks from fire sources give you 4% Fire Damage each, for a total of 12% at max stacks. You can drop 5 torches at a time extremely quickly by just dragging a stack out of your inventory, or by pressing control+left click. These items fall out individually, counting as 5 total fire sources. Be warned though, you will always consume 3 fire sources no matter what, even if you do not need that many to be entirely full. Try to save these for the end of the round when a majority of the environmental torches have already been used.

You can charge your inferno stacks without fully committing to a spell just by activating the channel. A somewhat efficient way of getting inferno stacks is to keep turning on the same light 3 times while channeling a spell to consume the repeatedly generated inferno sources.

The lightning staff’s targeting UI can select places you cannot see as long as you raise your view high while casting it.

Learn how far back you push people with Fire Blast, and cast your lightning strikes at that location preemptively. Your AOE also stuns people after it pushes them for a moment, giving you a wombo-combo similar to cryomage’s freeze-lightning.

The Fireblast AOE and the Pyroblast knockback both interrupt enemy channel interactions. You can use your AOE while channeling your pyroblast without interrupting yourself, so do this to win wizard duels.

If you are using two lightning staves, do not be afraid to staff-bash someone to death.

If you are using two pyro staves, do not underestimate how much sustained damage you can output on someone with the fire breath. If the enemy is high health though, they will definitely run you down.

Direct Hits and Splash Damage of a charged Pyroblast always deal the same amount. Try to aim at surfaces around your enemy, never directly at them.

The small pyroblast also has a tiny area of splash damage you can use to hit multiple people.

The small pyroblast will become a homing missile if you put your crosshair on your target until they have a yellow outline. The homing missile can make surprisingly sharp angles.

You cannot hit yourself with your own Pyroblast, so make sure to Falcon Punch people if they get close after you are done channeling.

The pyroblast spawns a little bit in front of you, leading to some instances where you will fire at someone point-blank and it will go through them. Aiming and releasing directly at the ground under you is a much safer alternative for guaranteeing a hit on someone who is very close to you.

Every source of damage can have a random crit, including pyroblast. That is how I managed to hit above 1000. To realistically one hit people, you are going to need a full set of items that rolled a combination of % damage and skill damage.

I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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  1. All of the information in this article is outdated. The game changed a lot between playtest 1 and playtest as this video was made during playtest 1

  2. Pyro is a underrated class. He seems week at the begin and lot of ppl droping him but if You hit lvl 20 and gear up a little he is strong. In adventure mode even with green set u can make players with blue eq to be scared.

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