Dungeonborne – Basic Guide for Priests

The Holy Bible: Guide for Priests

By Rella.

My goal for this guide is to provide insight into how to effectively utilize the class to it’s fullest as well as explain the valuable stats, passives, and the best ways to protect yourself and your team.

Note: Priest has a base mana pool of 150.


Divine Guidance

  • Heals targeted ally for a small amount of life, this has a cast time of about .75 seconds for a standard cast or about 4 seconds if you charge it to the higher powered version.
  • Can be charged to cast a stronger heal for no additional mana cost, this takes a lot longer and is better used after combat or primed and ready before a fight.

Divine Protection

  • Applies a small shield to yourself and grants a moderate amount of movement speed.



Requirement: 25 Stamina

  • When Divine Protection is cast it is granted to yourself and all nearby allies as well. Allies receive both the shield and the movement speed buff.


Requirement: 35 Intelligence

  • Increase elemental damage of self by a small amount for (5) seconds after healing with Divine Guidance


Requirement: 25 Will

  • Gain a tiny amount of Mana recovered per second at full life.
  • Regen is about 1/Mana per second, to achieve full mana from nothing will take about 2 and a half minutes.
  • To fully utilize this passive make sure you’re always full HP and try not to tank for your allies unless you have a 100% damage reduction shield.

Cleansing Rites

Requirement: 45 Faith

  • Divine guidance will dispel (1) debuff in addition to it’s heal.
  • Works great for cleansing slows, frozen, poison and petrified on your allies.


Requirement: 70 Faith

  • Divine Guidance will resurrect a fallen ally at 50% HP if cast on them.

Note: This can only be used one time per adventure, it will however reset upon entering the red portal to the boss map.

Passive Priority

Resurrection and Cleansing Rites

  • Cleansing Rites is just a straight upgrade to your heal and Resurrection can be a HUGE game changer if an ally went down early into a fight or was caught off guard.


  • Easily one of the best skills in the game, granting your allies a small shield and enough movement speed in the game to safely disengage from a bad fight, provide a strong engagement for your frontliner, or chase down remaining enemies like those pesky rogues that are really fast.


  • Not necessary but it’s a great QoL passive that will help cut down on Mana Potions, is especially good for Hard difficulty when the monsters hit for a lot more damage and allies may need healing more frequently.

Optional: Benediction

  • Extra elemental damage from after a heal, not great unless you are trying to play solo or utilize double lightning staffs for dps.

Stat Priority

These are in order of most to least important after passive stats are met.


This is your bread and butter stat, more faith means bigger heals and shields.


Second most important stat arguably as important as the primary stat once you reach your passive requirements, this increases both your physical resistance and your health. Making sure you stay alive is the best way to ensure that your teamates stay healthy and make it all out alive.

Will and Intelligence

Both of these stats offer little for the priest since your primary goal is to be healing but they do have their value.

  • Intelligence increases your elemental damage with the staff for quicker PvE and bosses.
  • Will is better for PvP since it grants elemental resistance so you don’t get nuked by a Pyromancer or Cryomancer, it’s also useful against the Death Knight since he deals aoe shadow damage.

Use your best judgment and the interests of your party to decide which is best for you. Strength and Dexterity – Dex first only for the movement speed, Str if you’re insane and going solo.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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