Dying Light 2 – How to Fix a Broken Quest

This guide will help you when your quest is broken. For example if you’re having the issue of an endless loop of deaths due to going out of scope for a quest, this guide is for you!

Guide to Fix a Broken Quest

If someone’s quest is broken and you constantly die on the timer, the tutorial is for you.

  1. Go to
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata[your id]\534380\remote\out\save
  2. Make a save backup (file save_main_0.sav).
  3. Download the Developer Menu mod and install according to the instructions.
  4. We go into the game, click continue. We exit to the main menu, where after installing the mod a list of developer features should appear
  5. Go to the very first.
  6. There, in the “main”, we are looking for our mission on which you are stuck, or the previous one. Move with the arrows in the menu.
  7. When you have found the desired mission, press enter while on it. Many lines of script will open. Try whichever option you like. Usually, either the very first green or the very last green helps.
  8. Having selected the desired line, press enter. You will be thrown back to the task, and the task, because of which you died, will be canceled.
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