ELDEN RING – Pro Sorcery Tips

Ok, now that I have your attention, here a few gimmicks or tools that can you help in your adventures.

Pro Tips to Sorcery

  • Staff of Loss increases the damage of Night Comet significantly (and it’s younger sibling) even if it’s held in the opposite hand. Night Comet can be beneficial over Comet for two reasons:
    • In PvE, enemies will not dodge it.
    • In PvP, it’s not absorbed by Eternal Darkness.
  • Carian Slicer has a running attack. Yeah me dumb, just figured this out.
  • The Godfrey Icon shouldn’t be underestimated: +15% dmg on charged Skills and Spells adds up, consider some of the most powerful spells are charge spells.
  • For the love of God, start using Terra Magica in PvE, people! It’s huge, free damage! PvP is a bit more situational.
  • It may have been nerfed, but the Glintblade Phalanx AoW does significantly more poise damage than the other two similar Spells. It’s worth using bc it saves you a slot.

Lastly, be friendly. If you’re a big bad Sorcerer, bring your Light spell on co-op romps. Your companions will thank you for it.

Written by DragonSoundxSG

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