Forza Horizon 5 – How to Farm Super Wheelspins (and Get Rich)

The fastest way to farm Super Wheelspins, to get cars and credits easily.

Guide to Farm Super Wheelspins

What You Will Need

  • 40k Credits.
  • 5 Skillpoints.
  • Roughly 3~5 minutes of your time.

Farming Skill Points

First, you would need a good car to farm the skill points required as fast as possible. I would recommended a car which has a x7 skill multiplier boost (generally the hoonigan cars and formula drift cars)

My current recommendation would be the Hoonigan RS200. Make sure you fill out the skill tree for maximum effect.

There are many locations you can go to farm the skill points. My favorite is this place at the top left of the map, which also has an XP board.

When farming the skill points, you want to do as many stunts as possible in a short amount of time. Therefore, try to mix Drift, Air, and Wreckage skills together. The small rocks present counts as wreckage. When combo-ed together, it is possible to get certain skills such as Kangaroo, Ebisu Style, Sideswipe, which all give massive skill points.

Once you build up your skill chain, make sure you bank in the skill points when it reaches 500,000. This is because the total skill points you can get in one combo is 10, and each skill point is 50,000 skill points. So for example, in the Hoonigan RS200, make sure you stop skilling when you reach roughly 71,000 x 7 skill poijnts. It is also recommended that you stop a bit earlier, as backlog skills tend to add up for a while. 60,000 to 65,000 x 7 is a good range to stop and wait for it to bank it, just to be safe.

Watch out for skill songs as well, as they can give you a x10 skill multiplier. I would recommend Radio Eterna, as they have the longest songs and skill songs that can last up to 7 minutes.

The current rate I am able to grind is roughly 150 Skill Points per hour, with at least 1 skill song.

Purchasing the Required Car

Next, you would need to buy the car required. Head on to the Autoshow in the festival or home, and purchase the following car. If you already have this car, you can skip this step.

Willy Jeep (40,000 credits)

Next, go to the Car Collection menu, and find the Willy Jeep. From here, you can buy the car in bulk, and skip the slow loading screens and animations. Remember, every 5 skill points is 1 spin, so buy the required amount of cars for the number of skill points you have.

Redeeming the Super Wheelspin

Now onto the final part, which is redeeming the skill points to get the super wheelspin. Go ahead and get in the Willy Jeep that you have just purchased. If you are unable to figure which one is not redeemed, look for the “NEW” sign when selecting the car. From the screenshot below, you can see that my cars that I have never gotten into are written NEW.

Now go to the Car Mastery menu. If you want to do it inside the festival, it is available under the Upgrades and Tuning section. Redeem the skill points in the order that is seen below. It will take you exacly 5 Skill Points.

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