Generation Zero – Tips about Enemies Dying in Water

Tip You Might Not Know about Enemies Dying in Water

So there are two things to know, but I’ll start with the one that I just tried and worked, as I had not seen this behavior before (but I didn’t actually test for it before, not well at least).

First tip on looting enemies in water:

Let’s say you kill an enemy and it falls in the water and it is too deep to jump, dive under water for 2 seconds and then loot.

  • a) If you Fast Travel to a safehouse
  • b) Don’t leave the game and then return to the area of the wreck
  • c) You will find that the enemy wreck is now on the edge of the short and can be looted.
  • d) Not sure if the loot remains premium, but I had to kill a RIVAL out in the ocean and also a regular Seeker. The loot seemed mostly normal though there was perhaps a decent attachment on the Hunter Rival Level 3. Both ended up on the edge of the shore where the water meets the bank.

Second little tip on looting water wrecks:

This is the older tip. If an enemy dies in deep water and is submerged, you may still be able to sprint jump to it, and loot it as you continue to fall to the bottom, if you land near enough.

  • a) Sprint Jump into the water trying to land near the enemy. Use your flashlight to see if the enemy is on the bottom and where before you jump.
  • b) Don’t forget that later in the game you can add some Jump Boost to jump out farther. Jump Boost is available to be put on Pants Slot Clothes and Shoes Slot.
  • c) You will submerge and fall to the bottom of the water.
  • d) You have usually about 2-3 seconds to highlight the Enemy Wreck, find that (E) Search prompt and then loot it.
  • e) You can Sprint Jump and Dive as many times as you want, you get infinite tries. You will be moved to the nearest shore location (which is a bit precarious or buggy on a few location resets so be ready to move more into ground if you can). You no longer take damge like in several updates back.

If you did not know about looting in water, I hope these tips help you out. I just learned Tip 1 myself today thru attempting to do this. In many games, if you leave the immediate area and if that is a defined loading grid, once you leave it and return, often any submerged items or items underground IN ANY GAME, will reset.

This often worked in games like Dying Light, Dead Island Original Version, and perhaps also in Bioshock. So if all goes bad with loot, give it a try. It sometimes worked in modded Skyrim Original Also.

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