Genshin Impact – F2P Primogem Farming Hack

F2P Primogem Farming Hack

Daily Commisions:

  • Do all four commissions to get a total of 40 primos
  • Claim your rewards in the Adventurer’s Guild to get extra 20 primos

Total: 60 primos

Archon and Story quests:

  • If you are lazy just skip the story
  • After finishing your Archon quests go to your Adventure Handbook to claim an Intertwined Fate (wish) and other extras

World Quests:

  • Check your world quests and do the ones that give you primogems
  • If you are having trouble finishing the quest because of the enemies, ask a friend to help you out
  • If you are stuck on a puzzle check YouTube for a walkthrough or search it up

Unlock domains, shrines of depths, waypoints, Statues:

  • Make sure to navigate
  • Go to Adventure Handbook, Domains, and see the discovery rewards that give you 5 primogems

Finish your chapters in Adventure Handbook, Experience:

  • For the first 3 chapters you earn 60 primogems every chapter
  • Chapter 4 and over can get you 100 primogems


  • Do the ones that can earn you primos
  • Do the character trials (20 primos per 5 star character you trial)


  • Buy blueprints by going to Tubby, Realm Depots (240 coins for 1 blueprint)
  • Once you have the blueprint you would’ve learned the set that is needed
  • Grind the items for the set
  • Put the set down in an indoor area
  • Invite companions that were mentioned in the blueprint
  • To get coins you need to go to Tubby, Trust Rank (First level gets you 4 coins an hour)

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