GTFO – Easy Checkpoint Guide (Before You Play)

This guide is super simple listing a few chosen intelligent decisions about what to know before starting a mission run of GTFO.

Before You Start the Mission

Important Considerations

If you wish your best chances of success. Host The Lobby. Learn fast how to do that properly on Discord. Just like with the cryptocurrency saying (not your wallet not your funds) if anyone else is hosting the server, you are at their mercy if they should decide to quit and this could destroy the checkpoint system that makes these levels much more do-able lately. Took me 5 days to beat C2 (extreme) with a team (chewed up 30 of em and spit em out) with zero checkpoints that most likely would of been doubled.

When you have your team in the lobby, make sure that everyone is acceptable to you… Someone may be in party mode and have had a few too many drinks, etc. Someone may be missing their mic, just make sure your team has at least 3 of em, a good player without a mic can still be an asset. Yet you should surely check on the communications aspect as your first metric of how well you are about to do.

Right after this is make sure that your team is properly loaded out for the mission. If you have something like dual BioScanners you are going to be shredded by most enemies. I will leave load-outs to you…yet know that DPS is king/queen. So generally only something that enhances DPS like say the foam/mine combo should be considered. If you know the level well already always throw away the bio-scanner and go for more DPS…DPS is always prime in pvx!

Once you get in the missions stick with your team… learn how to use the UI to follow them even with your flashlight off. If you need to change opaqueness options in the setting to assist on this, feel free. At most you should generally be running around possibly infested areas in teams of two at least in case something pops up…only in areas you know are clean should you all break up to search…when the action is heavy you best be all ganking targets like proper pros…all aiming at the same target for quick take-downs. Your target(s) are either the closest OR most dangerous…that is the simple method of co-ordination.

Associated with this above aspect is setting up for choke-points/blood-doors etc. When you do this you are engaging the pure strategy aspect of the title. This requires experience and knowledge of the game, and strategy in general. You may discuss this with your team, or leave it in the hands of your most competent commander. Yet this part is crucial for defeating certain levels, and of coarse as you fail time after time you will improve at how to stage this. Generally speaking mines are the best for this, enhanced with a grenade or launcher foamed door and you pretty much have your most deadly weapon in game. A high DPS team would be dual mines and dual turrets. The couple foam grenades you find will be like gold for such a load-out also. Experiment until you find your best damaging team!

Remember everyone on your team is part of your success. Each of them properly loaded out is 25% of your DPS. I often used to joke about people in RB6 Seige being worse than the robots the game offers in PVE Realism mode so therefore they are going to choke in PvP…yet even those amateurs are still 20% of your DPS there…so treat them right. Give them good instructions instead of criticising them constant. Everyone starts somewhere. Most have strengths/weaknesses. You have to learn to mesh/work with your team as best you can. This is where this game/title can really shine! As what else teaches you this essential component of life in a gamified fashion, and does it this well? This #6 tip is also why #2 is super key!

Have fun. If you are slogging through hours of play and need a rest. Take one! This game can burn you out unlike any other due to it’s challenge level. Some people may take that a little hard and over-do it. If you find you are one of those personalities (like myself I may add) then breathe, leave the game for a day or so and come back fresh. You will find that your mind/reflexes are sharper and you are better able to 100% for your team more consistently! It will also keep the title fresher in addition so the excitement/action is more appreciated.

That is all for now for this super-simple little guide from an expert.

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