Hero’s Hour – How to Win as Any Faction Against the AI

Sometimes winning is all that matters, particularly for certain achievements in this game.

TL;DR, get Oob the Wanderer, he’s super good for use against the AI.

How to Win

First what you want to do is select the faction you want to play as and your hero, I don’t particularly dislike any of the starting heroes, but I would always recommend a hero that gives you a pretty strong day 1 start, usually those ones will have your lowest tier unit as their mastery, this will give you a daily trickle of reinforcements as you move around and defeat neutral groups and units guarding mines. Upgrade your base to have some ranged units. Try to get your wood and ore mine captured as soon as possible.

Next, purchase and upgrade your pub/tavern this will enable you to hire units from outside of your faction. While you’re doing that try to locate the nearest mercury mine, there’s usually at least one nearby unless you are extremely unlucky.

After that, check your tavern to see if you have access to the wanderer named Oob, he’s an extremely good hero that starts with mercurial and diplomacy at the beginning, his mastery is the mercurial as well, and he has several perks beneficial to massing an army, he has recovery as a third tier skill. If you can get Oob early on I recommend it and here’s why.

  1. Oob’s growth is insane on a daily basis Mercurial costs you 1 mercury daily and provides 4 Mercurials at first, but by level 5 it will be producing 12 daily, and with his mastery that bumps it up even higher, Per week with one tier in his mastery of mercurials Oob will make 5 mercurials, again this gets bumped up with each point and it eventually adds 3-4 per day.
  2. Oob has insane snowball potential, his starting skill of diplomacy means that you can relatively early on get it to level four enabling you to buy some defeated units at a discount to standard price. Additionally he has creation which even if you don’t use spells allows you to create some elemental units.
  3. Oob’s main unit the mercurial fills multiple roles, mercurials are suprisingly versatile and come in ranged and melee varieties. When they die they split up into two more temporary mercurials, if you get lucky enough you might get the spell duplicate from an altar or one of your bases, using only 125 mercurials and casting duplicate twice I was able to defeat an entire human army consisting of 100 – 200 pike men, 60 – 70 Paragons 30 – 40 Priests 5 black knights 4 Gryphons and 100-150 archers, all with only suffering about 38 casualties, which I recovered 24 back because of Oobs other skill that gives you troops back after they die in battle.
  4. Oob has logistics and scouting so he has a higher maximum potential for moves as well as recovering them when he defeats an enemy.
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