Honkai: Star Rail – Boulder Town Super League Event (Day 1)

Basic: How It Works

This event rules is pretty straightforward so be sure to read for better understanding on how to play the event.

This League will have 5 different Weight Category namely Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight.

Each category will be available when the game is on daily reset and once you completed the previous weight challenge.

Choose your team wisely as you can’t change your team once you have decided to go into battle but you can change by doing the challenge all over again if you wish to change your team comp.

Opponents will be select randomly by drawings. Some might not have the weakness element that your team have.

You will receive new buff once you defeated opponents for each round. Upon entering next battle, your HP and Energy for each characters will be replenished.

Hint Tips: The opponents selected for each category will be the same, doesn’t matter if you redo the challenge all over again. Same goes for buff that you’ll get. (Refer “Buff and Opponents” for details).

If you defeat all opponents in 8 round or below you will be able to get all the rewards!

Featherweight Day 1 Guide

Tips: Buffs And Opponents

List of Buffs

Above are the list of all 4 rounds buff that you will get throughout the battle.

For each round below are the opponents that you will go up against with.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

You can see the opponents weakness once the random draw has been decide. If you have at least two characters that you have build and quite strong, you will have no problem defeating them all (plus we have buff to help with the battle as well).

Tips: Team Comp

Serval and Sampo are pretty much OP on this Round especially when taking advantage from “Imperil” and “Hone” buff as over time the DMG will be greater for Imperil buff.

  • Serval: DPS for Lightning DMG
  • Sampo: DoT Sub-Dps
  • Seele: DPS for Quantum DMG
  • Bailu: Healer

I pick up this team as they are my quite build characters as of now.

Other character suggestion for DPS will be Jing Yuan, Dan Heng, Clara and Himeko.

Sub-Dps choices may varies depending on your team composition as well such as Qingque, Trailblazer (Physical), Hook and Arlan.

Support characters that you can combine as well (either for buff, heal or def) are Gepard, Tingyun, Bronya, Natasha and March 7.

As I don’t have much characters, I can only suggest some of them. But do put your comments below if you have an awesome team set.

Gameplay (Short Gif)

Round 3

Round 3

Attack against opponents will get stronger from the buff effect Imperil and Hone especially when using Ultimate as it will easily trigger the Break Effect towards your opponents and deal great DMG to them.

Round 4

This where my Sampo shines the most on DoT (Damage Over Time). Over time he will be able to deal great DMG towards your opponents with all the given Buffs.

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