Honkai: Star Rail – Yukong Build Sheet (Version 1.1)

Yukong Build Guide

Here is a Build Sheet on time for the release of this character for the second phase of 1.1 and that is the new four star, Yukong!

Please let us know if this comes to use for any you! Or if there are any questions regarding his kit or anything you need detailed from the condensed sheet.

Kit Explanation

To explain her kit and how it can correlate with the recommended Relics and Planar Ornaments above, Yukong is a buffer that scales on ATK, like Luocha with his healing, but this time her buffs don’t scale on her ATK, it moreover something to stack. With her skill, she can increase the ATK of all allies by 40% until the turn ends (compared to Tingyun buffing one attack that goes on for a few turns). She also gains a stack of “Roaring Bowstrings” every time she uses the skill. If it is active at the time of using her burst, all team members would gain 21% Crit Rate and 39% Crit Dmg while dealing dmg.

Now for the reason on why we chose these relics and ornaments. For the Musketeer relics, Yukong can benefit from the extra ATK% with the add on of the SPD from the 4pc bonus, and for Yukong she would need the right SPD to act before your carry in a team and Thief Relics is more for the breaking effect and vulnerability for Imaginary weakness, but as her main priority is buffing and doesn’t scale to grant the buff, it doesn’t hurt to have this if you don’t have another Imaginary Character!

As for the Planar Ornaments, the Sprightly Vonwacq, it can provide Energy Regeneration for Yukong, but can also advance her actions by 40% if she has 120 SPD. For Fleet of the Ageless, this can grant Hp% (mostly for survivability) but the focus is where it can grant the extra ATK% buff for your other team members if you have 120 SPD! For recommended main stats, there are on the Build Sheet.

Team Recommendations

In terms of recommended teams, Yukong can a great support for any team, specifically ones that are on the path of the Hunt such as Seele, Yanqing, Sushang, and Dan Heng. A recommended team for Yukong would be a team of Dan Heng, Welt, Yukong, and Luocha.

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