Kingdoms and Castles – AI Kingdoms Guide

Are you needing help with AI kingdoms? Do you need something to walk you thru? This is the perfect guide for you. In this guide, I will walkthrough the basics of AI and how to deal with them.

Guide to AI Kingdoms

AI Introductions

After some 50 years after your kingdom starts, a small section of your screen will say “Diplomat en route”. You will see an AI military grade transport ship arrive. It will have some men with fancy clothes and a banner above them. When they arrive at your keep, an exclamation point will pop up over their group. You will click them and they will say “We have a message from our ruler.”

You will either hear:

  • Rude ones.


  • Calm ones

Usually, the rude ones will say to stay out of their way and the calm ones will say that they hope you are a peaceful kingdom.

The one on the left is always rude, the middle can sometimes, and usually the right is kind.

At first, you should try and gain friendship with them as much as you can.

AI War

You or the AI can start a war against each other. Usually, try your best to stay away from war unless your prepared. The way AI start a war against you is when your friendship level is low and you are not helping them out. The most common way is when the rude AI want you to pay tribute to them like your’re their colony. Best way to fight them is to:

  1. Build walls around your whole island so they can only wade thru your shallow water and slows them down.
  2. Attack first.
  3. Do small raids on unprotected parts of their land.
  4. You make allies with another AI to wage with with you against them.

For most efficiency, I recommend 4 & 1.

These always work best for me.

A helpful mod I recommend is the cannon mod. It lets you have cannons and they work for 0 coins per year.


After a while, the AI will ask to trade with you.

This only happens when you are not at war with them and you have some friendship level.

They will ask you for merchant prices. It is best to not give expensive deals since they will buy more and not be angry about it.

This is another form of making money (Other than taxing and gifts).

I would recommend to make numerous amount ships so you have more of a chance to make money.

Merchants help when you are in need of items that are not getting produced fast enough in your kingdom.

In Control of AI kingdoms

You can actually be in control of an AI kingdom! It’s crazy but amazing.

There are 2 ways to own their kingdom:

  1. If you attack and destroy their palace, you have a choice of ruling their kingdom or letting them rule again
  2. If they retire and give you their kingdom (only happens when you their ally and friend)

They are both hard options because once you are in control, you have to deal with their kingdom’s problems like sadness, hunger, vikings, dragons, or sickness.

The ups are that you can:

  1. Be closer to an enemy AI place if the place is close to the AI’s.
  2. Can be control of enemy troops’ routes to attack your kingdom.
  3. The enemy AI won’t attack your new island; only the original island from which you came from.

AI Are Sometimes Stupid & Smart

Sometimes the AI make dumb decisions. This happens a few times a game.

The first mistake (and hereby the most common) is: sending all their troops when you ask them to attack another AI kingdom.

The second mistake: sending troops to fortified positions when you are at war with them

Sometimes they are smart.

  1. Attacking another part of your kingdom when they loose around 10 ships in one spot.
  2. Keep all their troops at their keep to defend.


  1. Is there any way to target a drawbridge of an enemy AI? i want to cut off this small farming island but they keep rebuilding on it faster than i can attack their towers near palace.

    • I’m not very sure, but I think you could just leave some ships around the draw bridge and attack their island when they rebuild. You could also pillage the village and leave before their forces arrive and your archers will be able to shoot from your transports. This might stop them.

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