Lethal Company – How the Game Assigns You Your “Notes” (Programmatically)

This guide will explain explicitly what assigns you certain notes at the end of the round.

What Assigns You Certain Notes


If you find it more interesting to not peak behind the curtain, please don’t read this. It’ll just ruin your enjoyment of the game, if you want to min-max everything. Read on.

What are ‘Notes’?

Notes are a brief summary assigned to you based on how you perform in game. I’ll explain to you exactly what triggers certain ‘Notes’ and what it means for you.

What Notes Are There?

Currently there are 4 Notes you can be assigned. You may also be assigned more than 1 Note, but if you play the game you already probably knew that.

Note – Acquire Method

  • The laziest employee. – Having the LEAST amount of steps in a team.
  • The most paranoid employee. – Having the MOST amount of ‘Turn Amount’ in a team.
  • Sustained the most injuries. – Having the MOST amount of ‘Damage Taken’ in a team.
  • Most profitable – Have recovered the highest total value of scrap.

I will expand on ‘The Most Paranoid Employee’ and ‘Most Profitable’.

Currently your ‘Turn Amount’ is affected by how many Camera Rotations you do, this means if you flick your mouse around a lot, the game is interpreting it as panic. I have also realised that people who play shooters like Rust, CS2, Valorant, TF2 etc will nearly always pull ‘The most paranoid employee.” due to jitter peaking corners to check for monsters.

The ‘Most Profitable’ stat is affected by the total amount of scrap you’ve recovered and dropped in the ship. If you drop loot outside the factory door and someone else takes it to the ship. They will be credited, not you. But please don’t turn into loot goblins, as it stands right now, Notes literally mean nothing. They don’t increase XP rates or anything, they are purely for fun.

Written by Cain


  1. most important thing they could possibly add to the game: a “The most annoying employee.” or “The comic relief” etc note given to the player that uses items like airhorn or clown horn the most.

  2. everyone in the ship when the scrap is deposited gets credit towards “most profitable”, so the dude in the ship the whole time will tend to get that one.

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