Lust Goddess – How to Beat Chapter 3 Hannah

Hey everyone, I know that a lot of people struggle with beating hannah so I wanted to share my thought process and how I did it.

Guide to Beat Chapter 3 Hannah

It took me 2 tries with the second one was a complete stomp as my Harper now got to a really high level and Zara in case I will need the multi attack.

However, in first attempt the AI used Mitzuki while on the second he started with rose so rng takes a part.

That being said I made two noticeable changes in my squad for that fight which is the advice I would give those who struggle with it

The first one was dropping Trixie despite she is one of my more strongest units. You aren’t able to abuse Trixie power here as the cells has too much high health which makes her not a recommended merc for this. The second noticeable change I made was trying out Melissa for her stun, that stun can make the difference for you and let you set up your team to win.

I would in addition suggest trying out Lorraine instead of Trixie as it could stun rose and the hannahs.

I hope it manage to give some of you another idea to try and share if you manage to get it done.

I also noticed some are struggling with chapter 2 hannah, when I reach tier with my alt who is super weak I will try to get it done there and if I will be able to will share that as well.

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