Age of Empires Mobile – F2P Beginners Guide

This is made for F2P players. If you are planning to spend a couple hundred a month on this game none of this will matter to you.

How to Play F2P

Things to Do Everyday

Complete All Your Daily Quests and keep your builders/upgrades/military queues active.

  • “Pick Up resources 5 times” – Don’t look for them. Just click the Go button and it will bring you to them.
  • Only upgrade the required buildings until TH17 for the 3rd Hero Slot.
  • Focus on military upgrades. I stopped at Building Speed 1 + Research Speed 1 and am only thinking of going back after all T5 units.

Spend all your Stamina when you wake up and before you go to bed.

  • Exploration Missions if available.
  • Kill barbarians with your strongest army at the highest tier available(Better Rewards + More Xp)

Every 12 hours be sure to keep your “Supplies Bounty” active.

  • Challenge the strongest level enemies you can for better rewards.
  • If you want to challenge 68+ make sure the enemies spawn close to your base or your reinforcements won’t make it fast enough. Don’t recall your troops until you find one that is on top of your base.

After you spend all your Stamina and complete the Supplies Bounty you want to send all your units out to gather resources.

  • If you leave a resource to join a rally be sure to mark it with a star and go back to clear it. Half cleared resource nodes make me sick.

Join rallies and tp with your team when going to war. The rewards for rallies plus taking towns, bridges, capitals, etc. are lucrative.

  • You will get rewards for your alliance completing an event but you can get 1000 coins sometimes for being there.

Complete everything in the “Expedition” section when you have free time.

  • Battlefield Survivor – Work on completing all the achievements and than the challenge mode on common, hard, and expert. This mode gives rewards every hour in the form of XP Tomes and resources. The farther you get the more you make. Also the challenge mode gives Josephine medals which we will need.
  • Apex Arena – Every day an hour before reset be sure to get on and get into the top 100. When finding a fight make sure you have higher tier troops and you adjust your units so they counter their enemies.
  • Lost Borderlands – Use your strongest army to clear all 11 levels. The final level resets weekly so be sure to push to the final level early. These give custom hero chests which can be used to 5 star Cleopatra or Yi Sun.
  • Military Exercise – The farther you get, the more daily rewards you get. I use autobattle with 3x speed, pick the path with hero assist, and take all the supply points to replenish my troops.
  • Frontline Escort – If you have the time to do it you will get some good rewards. Only available on Tuesdays and Fridays for some reason.

What to buy with currencies as a f2p player

  • Merits – Probably research speedups.
  • Empire Coins – I solely spent my empire coins on the VIP store up to VIP 7 for the 9% training speed and daily skill points in the chest. Once I got to 7 I started paying to unlock the 3rd builder every 2 days. I also buy 100 Lv.5 XP Tomes for 1500 once a week. You will have to spend 8000 on double attack for Jospehine at some point. Try to win Attila on the wheel if you see him offered. I spent around 10k coins to get him. YMMV.
  • Military Exercise – Should only be spending these points on the Legendary Skill Scrolls for 400 a piece.
  • Arena – Universal Legendary Hero Medals are hard to come by. I would buy all 5 every week if that was affordable.
  • Alliance Treasury – Never buy resources with any currency. You get 150k Alliance Coins a week.
    • 50 Lvl 5 XP Tomes – 25,000
    • 25 200 Skill Points – 25,000
    • 10 60M Research – 25,000
    • 10 30M Research – 12,500
    • 10 15M Research – 6,250
    • 10 60M Building – 25,000
    • 10 30M Building – 12,500
    • 10 15M Building – 6,250

That leaves you 12,500 to spare. I don’t think the elite recruitment tokens are worth it and you shouldn’t need to shield all that often.


  • Main Army – Hammurabi, King David, Josephine

Keep them all as high of a level as your tavern allows. You will still gain experience from barbarians even though your level is maxed. Go here to learn about the skills that you need for each hero and how to get them.

  • Second Army – Guan Yu, Darius(Or Attila if you get lucky on the wheel), Harald
  • Third Fourth Fifth Armies

So these are going to have purple troops in them. Probably 1 gold and 2 purples. These units will be used to gather so be sure to give them gathering talents in their hero talent trees. Try to match the two purple heroes to the same weapon and specialization of the gold but don’t worry too much because they will be mainly gathering troops.

Day 60 F2P Armies

Click to enlarge…

Best Use of Coins as F2P Player

  • Priority is given to purchasing VIP points. In principle, try to reach VIP4. This is not difficult during the first 3 days, then try to reach VIP5 later in order to increase the construction speed by 2%.
  • Purchase the third building row every two days for 1000 coins, but this is if you have sufficient resources for construction.
  • Purchase 100 experience items weekly from the VIP store for 1,500 coins. It is worth it, of course.

I hope you found this useful!

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