Age of Empires Mobile – Basic Guide: Alliances

Alliance Basics

Alliances are a crucial part of the game, they offer you many benefits as well as being able to survive in this game.

  • Alliances can be created by selecting the Alliance Tab > Create.

Creating an alliance will cost 200 empire coins.

Alternatively you can join an existing alliance by clicking the alliance tab and selecting a alliance to join or selecting quick join.

When joining an alliance you will either have to send a request if the alliance leader or officers have selected to turn on requests or can instantly join if it shows “anyone can join”.

Joining an alliance offers many benefits such as technology researched, helps for buildings and technology and troop healing from other alliance members, gifts from various ways and resources from land claimed.

An alliance is made up of 5 ranks:

  • Leader
  • Officers
  • Elite Members
  • Senior Members
  • Common Members

An alliance leader and officers can manage their members, technology and land claimed.

Key notes of an alliance:

Rallies – Rallies are very important in this game, you can rally with your alliance members for barbarians, events such as giants roar, structures & more.

Technology – Technology offers you and your alliance members many benefits and should be contributed to by all alliance members, leader and officials can advise on technology for members to donate to. These technology’s can include: additional members, gathering speed, military stats, building and research speed.

Gifts – Gifts offer all alliance members FREE rewards from resource and speed ups to even empire coins, you can obtain free gifts by doing everyday objectives such as killing barbarians, rallying PvE targets and also obtain advanced gifts by alliance members who purchase in game bundles.

Gifts also included an alliance chest once you have reached the goal you will receive a large reward and the reward will grow as your alliance gift level grows.

Territory – Territory can be managed by leaders and officers of an alliance. This can be fortresses or flags that are used to capture alliance resource points producing passive resources for the alliance to further expand their land and individual members to collect free resources.

A fortress can be built as your core starting territory for the alliance. Flags are build following the fortress and should be aimed strategically towards cities, plaques and passes to capture to obtain even more rewards and powerful buffs to your citadel!

Assist – Assists are very important to the speed in which you develop your citadel, you can receive 5 free assists which will reduce the time needed to upgrade buildings, technology or healing troops, once you build an embassy and level the embassy you can receive more assists per construction or technology.

Alliance Buildings Basics

First of all, the basic things alliance can build are towers,outposts and flags.

You can use towers to defend your territory and you can build outposts to put your troops inside.

Alliance flags are for expanding the territory and by using these flags you try to achieve goals such as towns,gates,harbors and cities.

After occupying towns or cities, you can build alliance buildings there. After taking the cities, some alliance buildings will you have unlike town.

Each of these buildings has different features. For example, these buildings can increase your alliance’s research speed.

These buildings can be upgrade. As you upgrade, the features provided by the buildings will improve.

I hope you found this helpful!

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