My Time at Sandrock – How to Get a Bronze Pickhammer on the First Day

Get a snazzy pickhammer on the first day so you can slap those junk piles easier.

Guide to Get a Bronze Pickhammer on the First Day

Things to note before you start

Yes I understand there is no need to rush the game, however with stamina usage the way it is currently, I formulated this strategy so that my future characters would have a quicker start and not have to sit on a bench as much.

  • This method can take quite a bit of time up on the first day so I highly recommend turning the game speed down to accommodate it.
  • If you waste time or stamina on other resources you may not have enough to finish the bronze pickhammer.
  • There is a workshop in between Tailor Made and By The Stairs that sometimes has a bronze ingot on the furnace outside however this method does not require it.
  • If you see Owen you can talk to him for some free stamina food to finish off some more scrap at the end of the day.
  • The quicker you get your Bronze in the furnace the more time you will have to use it at the end of the day.


  1. Create character and turn game speed down to 0.5 in settings menu.
  2. Follow story quest up until it asks you to create a pickhammer.
  3. Fully gather from the 3 junk piles closely surrounding your workshop.

Note: 5-7 stone/5-7 wood.

  1. Craft basic Pickhammer at Worktable.

Note: 4 Stone/2 Wood.

  1. Mine Gravel rocks along the tracks heading away from the railway station to a small group of trees. Mine until you have 4 quartz and at least 26 stone and 8 dinas. Grab a few throwing rocks and hold onto them.
  2. When at the trees pick up any Desert Mushrooms that you can see and hold onto them.
  3. Head towards the broken Windmill behind your workshop and gather from Wood Piles until you have 15 wood. You can also break tumbleweeds by running into them to save on some energy if preferred.
  4. Once you have 15 wood continue down past the windmill, following the fence on the left and jumping off the ledge to a cave entrance with 2 Rocket Roosters.
  5. Continue inside the cave entrance, follow the hallway and when it breaks into two directions, follow left into a room. Once inside the room, parkour up to a chest on the left side wall. Open to receive a Wolf Tooth Pendant. Don’t stress about anything else, you can come back another time.
  6. Follow the quest marker back to Yan in town. While in town pick up any rubbish on the ground for Dregs. Hand in quest. Follow next quest to create Recycler.

Note: 2 x stone trough, 3 x wood, 2 x grinding saws.

  1. Head back to Yan and turn in quest. While inside sell the Wolf Tooth Pendant to the Commerce Guild Store (the cash register). You should now have 169 Gols.
  2. Instead of heading to Register your Workshop, first run back towards your Workshop to Eufala Salvage and head inside the small building there. At the shop register inside buy 15 copper ore and 10 tin ore for 140 Gols.
  3. Run back to Workshop and make a Furnace on the Assembly Station.

Note: 2 x stone trough, 2 x wooden stick, 4 x quartz.

  1. Begin smelting 5 x bronze bars, using Dregs or power stones as fuel.
  2. Continue quest to register your Workshop. While in town talk to Arvio (often running around town or at his shop, By the Stairs) and Vivi (often inside her house or at her shop, Tailor Made) to recieve a Simple Wooden Chair and a Silk Scarf.
  3. Complete the quick combat tutorial with Pen for 100xp.
  4. After naming and registering your workshop, head upstairs in the Town Hall and grab the chest for +5 Water.
  5. Once outside hunt down the following chests:
  • Chest at The Miner’s Dorm (+100 gols).
  • Chest at the Back of the Church (+50 gols).
  • Chest in the Stone Archway – (+1 Diamond).
  • Flying chest opposite the steps to the Research Center – carefully aim with one of the throwing rocks you picked up (+50 gols).
  • Chest next to barber shop (+2 Gold).
  • Chest on Blue Moon Saloon Balcony (+50 gols).
  • Chest ontop of Stable (+ Bone Necklace).
  1. Run to Arvio’s shop and sell the Simple Wooden Chair, Silk Scarf, Bone Necklace, Diamond and Gold Ore. If you picked up Desert Mushrooms or got lucky with a Shiny Scorpion drop, you can choose to sell those instead of any of the above items. You need 550 gols.
  2. Run to Hammer Time and purchase a Sharpening Stone and 2 x Copper Screws.
  3. Run back to your Workshop, fill the water tank with the +5 water you found.
  4. Continue quest and wait for your bronze to smelt. Once it has smelted you can use the rest of your stamina up mining the salvage in the yard or around your workshop area.
  5. GG on your Bronze Pickhammer!
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