New World – All Rounder Hatchet / Great Axe Build PvP/PvE (Heavy Armor)

Here is a good build for solo PvP or even PvE.

The Build

it’s very effective to lvl up with this build to 60. you’ll encounter no difficulty all the way.

Full heavy armor.

Simply stay full berserker because if you take any ability on the other tree you lose the ability to parry with your hatchet, it doesn’t worth it.

Spending 3 points into the berserk skill to reach the second perk should be your first spending, because it increase alot survivability with the health regen.

You can change Frustration perk for Keen edge on the Great Axe tree for pure PVE, because only few monsters do block/parry, it’s a matter of personnal preference, Frustration will be stronger than Keen Edge in PVP.


For leveling

  • 250 STR
  • 150 CON

For endgame

  • 300 STR
  • 50 DEX
  • Rest Constitution


  • Constitution Food

You should reach

  • 300 STR
  • 50 DEX
  • 100+ CON
Written by z00mist

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