OUTRIDERS – New Horizon’s Expeditions Secret Rooms

There’s a secret loot room in all the new expeditions in New Horizons. Here’s how to find them…


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The New Horizons update introduced 4 new expeditions.

In all four of them there’s a secret room with a loot box. It always contains one of the new rare weapons with an unique skin.

The weapons are purple rarity, and as far as I can tell with somewhat random statistics. I got some very good rolls out of them, so you might want to go on collecting them even if you already have the skins.

If you have trouble having the right expedition appear,just move to another zone with your truck to reshuffle the available ones.

Keep in mind that you must open the pod before any of the secret rooms can appear.

Molten Depths

Awards snipers (bolt action, auto, carbine)

After opening the pod, wait about 10 seconds. You will hear a phone ringing.

Facing the pod, turn to your left and go towards the rock pillar.

For reference, go there:

(To the right of the image you can see the exit badge)

You’ll find a table with a red phone on it. just interact with it.

You’ll be teleported to the secret room (there’s almost no load times, don’t worry).

Open the chest, make sure everyone has looted, then interact with the phone again to go back.

Marshall’s Complex

Awards rifles (assault rifle, smg, machinegun) (need to double check this one)

Apparently to get the chest you must interact with a terminal after the room with the green sludge (you can backtrack and do it after finishing if you forgot but keep in mind it’s unconfirmed info so far if you need to interact or not)

For reference, after this door there’s a short corridor:

The terminal you have to interact with is here:

After finishing the expedition and opening the pod, turn around keeping the pod at your back.

At the other end of the glass-floored corridor you’ll see a giant door opening, go in.

Inside there’s… apparently People can fly’s offices (no wonder we had all those bugs, the anomaly must be hell on their computers) go towards the end of the room to find the chest.


Awards sidearms (revolver, auto pistols)

After opening the pod, you have to backtrack all the way to the start of the cellar you’ve come in.

If you have trouble finding the entryway, look for the yellowish light.

For reference, here’s how it looks from the inside:

Continue backtracking.

On your left a downwards staircase will open up (on the right there’s the upwards staircase you’ve come in from)

The chest will be on the far left of the room.

On the right there’s a feral collecting Grayson Hunt’s action figures (the protagonist of People can fly’s previous game, Bulletstorm)

City of Nomads

Awards Shotguns, and for the first time a legendary helmet (cranium of a lost creature)

This is the most difficult secret room, you have to shoot several skulls hiddent through the map, and at the end there’s an additional boss fight (quite an annoying boss fight too).

I would also suggest bringing along a sniper rifle (even a crappy one would to, you need the zoom)

Every time you successfully destroy a skull, there witll be a small flash and a sound effect.

At the very start, look on the right pillar, there’s a very visible skull.

In the initial terraced room with the water pool/stream lenghtwise through the middle.

On the second terrace, a skull is hidden in the ivy on the rightmost end of the wall.

At the end of the room on the head of the last statue visible through the arches.

In the room with the fountain in the middle.

Right at the start, on your left there’s a pitch black zone, look for the glow.

Inside one of the water pipes on the sides facing the fountain in the middle. (should be the one on your far right entering)

In the hallway afterwards (the one with the giant glowy dog busting down the wall)

Midway on your right, a skull is hanging from a chain.

At the end look for a tower in the distance, the skull is in the top opening. (A sniper comes in useful, even a trash one, but you can get by with anything that’s not a shotgun, even the sidearm)

In the next room (the one with kang’s goons being surprised an outrider is here to kick their asses)

In the far right corner the wall is crumbled, move around a bit looking through the gaps.

In the final room, right above the door you’ve entered from, look under the right banner on the statue’s head.

After you shoot all the skulls the door will open and you’ll be given the bonus quest Realm of Fear.

Standing in the middle of the room, looking at the pod, the secret entrance is to your right.

In the final room there’s quite the annoying boss fight. This feral can stunlock you, so you must kite him.

A good way to do it if you’re playing solo is to run around the crates on the lower level and throw your skills at him.

Midway through the fight one (or two) elites and a host of melee adds will join in. Just keep kiting and use any pbaoe you have or ground smash a lot… or use moaning winds, seems like everyone uses it anyway.

When you defeat the boss, go into the short hallway at the end of the terrace to find the chest and a Dark Souls easter egg.

The first time you beat this secret room you’ll be awarded the Legendary helmet Cranium of a lost creature after you open the chest.

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  1. After running through multiple time in Marshall’s Complex, you do not need to use the achievement button to open the door to the chest

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